Anyone had problem ordering from 3DR store?

Hi everyone,

I need your help for my order from 3DR store.

I have ordered IRIS+ back in 19 May 2015.
It has passed for about a month now but it didn't even start to ship.

If I see the tracking information that they have given me, it just says "Label created".
When I called FedEx they said that they haven't received the package.
So I have created couple of tickets in 3DR site, and sent several emails complaining
about the delayed shipment, but they are not answering.

Anyone had similar experience?

If you did, how or to whom did you contact to solve the issue?

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    • Yep I'm loosing work to DJI pilots. Bad state of affairs.

  • Hi All,

    Vu can I trouble you to PM me directly re order R926479220

    I've called twice now asking for an invoice to be sent to me for accounting purposes (it's ok if the order takes a while to ship, I understand your'e backlogged) and have been assured that it'll be sent to me by the end of the day but so far nothing has happened. I'm just getting a bit titchy as it's coming up to our EOFY here.

    Sorry to have to work around the system like this. :/

    • Well I'm afraid my saga continues. I've called 3DR twice about this order now, once (June 18) to amend the order (I decided to only get 1 battery, not 3) and requested that an invoice get sent to me asap so I can put it through my books. I was told that invoice would be sent out by the COB and that the order was still 3-7 days away.

      I waited a few days and nothing happened so I called back (June 23rd)  asking for the invoice. The helpdesk staff looked up my order and said that this time it had been put on hold due to the need to check my address and credit card details which we did over the phone. Again they said the invoice would be sent to me by the end of the day.

      Another 6 days has passed with no new at all on the order so I think I might be better off canceling the order and going with Amazon instead.

    • 3D Robotics

      Hi PY,

      I'm sorry about that.   I see your email, I'll work with you through there.  We'll get this resolved.

    • Hi thread followers. Well this is all sorted out now. Vu has cancelled the order for me and I've gone through a local dealer instead.

      For those in .au it seems that this mob has quite good stock at the moment and can turn around the orders extremely quickly.

      I hope that 3Dr can get on top of their fulfillment problems shortly. It's a shame to see good design and production let down by fulfillment capability.

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    • Thanks for the suggestion P.Y Wong, I'll definitely investigate that option.

    • hehe this is funny. Now after Vu cancelling the order for me they have finally sent through the invoice. :)

      I wonder if they will bill my credit card next.

      I hope 3DR gets on top of this. If this kind of bad feedback leaks out of the DIYDrones community and into the mass-user space the damage to their reputation will not be good. I sure hope their risk analysis team have got a good eyeball on this.

    • Aaaaand ok more emails to/from the helpdesk (looks like they are using Zendesk now. good move!) and it looks like my order is cancelled. W00t.

    • VU, can you please make sure my order#7569 ships today please?

    • Ok, and now you can't even get through on the support line to cancel an order. You're put on hold for 20 minutes after which time a message plays saying their help line hrs of operation and then hangs up on you. And yes, I am calling in their hrs of operation (9:05 am PST on a Monday).

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