Autotakeoff question

When you do auto takeoff (i.e. pressing the launch/takeoff button) via Tower:

a) Does your system switch into guided?

b) Can you set the default altitude?  I'd like it to come up to only about 20 feet. 


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  • Heard back from 3DR.  There is no way to adjust the autotakeoff altitude, as it simply makes a waypoint and guides to it.  No big deal.

  • I use to use this until the time I forgot to clear the prior way points. It lifted up about 3 feet and then slammed itself into the nearest building at full throttle.Expensive lesson. But to answer your question, yes. Mission Planner has a default takeoff altitude setting, but it's based on your current home way point.

  • The answer to a) is yep, it goes into guided mode on the way to a automatically set waypoint.  b) I haven't figured out yet.

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