Huntington Beach, CA

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Looking for a copter that I can use to film Race and B-roll footage.


Huntington Beach

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Kelly Williams replied to Justin M's discussion I'm ready to drop 3DR, go with DJI in IRIS
"I am in IT and I own both DJI and 3DR products. 
I agree with Erik Graham's comment above.
When people ask me what I recommend, I tell them the 3DR is like a Unix and DJI is like a Mac.
I also run a local repair business and almost exclusively…"
Mar 29, 2016
Kelly Williams replied to mark chng's discussion where can I get iris+ spare motor, props and arm? in IRIS
"I have a complete set of used motors that I unnecessarily replaced trying to fix another issue. Fry's should have props, but might I suggest an upgrade to Carbon Fiber from a local hobby shop or ebay. Ebay also has arms.
Jan 6, 2016
Kelly Williams replied to heliotrope's discussion Autotakeoff question in IRIS
"I use to use this until the time I forgot to clear the prior way points. It lifted up about 3 feet and then slammed itself into the nearest building at full throttle.Expensive lesson. But to answer your question, yes. Mission Planner has a default…"
May 11, 2015
Kelly Williams replied to Duncan Martin's discussion lens hoods and filters in IRIS
"I'm using the Polar Pro filters on my 3+ Silver,  with a 2D gimbal and a peauproductions lens.
The new filters don't fit with the gimbal mount because they are tapered to grip the lens closer to the body of the camera. So I put a couple of layers of…"
May 6, 2015
Kelly Williams replied to Kris Kitchen's discussion Landing drone flips over and will not turn off? in IRIS
"I know this isn't a real answer to your question, but if I'm not sure about the landing (dirt, level, etc.) I have taken to just catching it. Many props saved. lol"
Apr 11, 2015
Kelly Williams replied to Heath's discussion Changing motors on Iris+ in IRIS
"No video I found, but I broke an arm on mine a few weeks ago. I just heated the connections at the board to free the engine. Honestly the hardest parts for me were those wire retaining clips and the light diffuser. LOL"
Apr 7, 2015
Kelly Williams replied to Justin Ackermann's discussion Iris+ Random Crash In Flight - Lost In Water in IRIS
"I had a similar experience with slightly less drastic results.
Turned out to be another bad battery.
My second since my purchase back in November.
I know you can't test it anymore, but was your battery by any chance a 5100 purchased from USR around…"
Mar 30, 2015
Kelly Williams posted a discussion in IRIS
Is there a way to get the same telemetry through the FPV kit as you can through the OSD?
Feb 11, 2015