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Hi all,

Considering the clasp for the clasp for the Tarot Gimbal attaches to the Gopro around the lens has anyone had any luck attaching a lens hood or filter without it falling off during flight?

Also can anyone recommend a lens hood that does not enter the filed of view of the Gopro? I ordered the "Oncore Designs OCD ELH-1 Eclipse Lens Hood for GoPro" and it is visible in standard HD and 4K modes.

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  • I'm using the Polar Pro filters on my 3+ Silver,  with a 2D gimbal and a peauproductions lens.

    The new filters don't fit with the gimbal mount because they are tapered to grip the lens closer to the body of the camera. So I put a couple of layers of scotch tape around the inside of the new filter to compensate for the reversed taper.

    It's a rig job, but it seems to be working so far (about 20 flights).

    The original version of these filters fit perfectly with the gimbal mount, but they gripped to tight without it and people were breaking their lens mount/housings when changing filters.

    Since they changed the design the original ones aren't available new anymore. I found 1 in a camera store.

  • Funny you should ask. I found and ordered this off of eBay yesterday to use with the Polar Pro Polarizer and ND filters on the Tarot 2d gimbal:


    It's a 3D printed bit that replaces the blue metal clasp bit that allows the filters to slide further down the lens barrel. I don't have it yet, so I can't speak to its quality. But there you go... I ordered 2. It also comes in orange if your in to that kind of thing.

    • Thanks. Can you report back and let us know how well it works? I'm afraid it still will not work with a lens hood as I think they tend to have a wider base.

      As you can see in the below video I'm having a rolling shutter/lens flare issue on the left and right sides of the video when the sun is low in the sky, hence needing the lens hood:


      Do you guys experience the same problem? How do you deal with it?

    • Haha, unbelievable, I just posted this idea below. Perfect, thank you!

    • Could aluminum be (desighned to be) lighter? (I saw your first post, hehe) It would be stronger. I like aluminum parts.

    • It would be a fun exercise on the CNC machine...

  • Here is a link to where I get my GoPro stuff. The mount fits snug on Hero4. Great filters. 


    • Jimmy,

      So the fact that they are tight means they don't slide down as far on the lens barrel, therefore they stay attached when in the gimbal with the stock clamp. Got it. Do you get any vignetting? That was my problem with the (comparatively expensive) Polar Pro filters. I could rig something to keep it attached, but with the clamp preventing the lens from sliding all the way down the barrel, the filter edges are visible in the frame.

      Thanks for the link. Good stuff there.

    • It will slip off of Hero3, but perfect on Hero4. Standard Tarot 2D clamp. I modify my lenses (no distortion/fisheye) so I cannot answer the second part of your question. 

    • Copy that. I was speaking of the standard GoPro 4 fisheye. Thanks for the clarification.

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