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Just got my IRIS+ today. Ordered a few extra batteries. Was thinking of picking up an additional charger, possibly one with a few more features. What would people suggest?? No need for multi battery charging, but I see some have a discharge and storage charge feature, those two would be a must as I'm sure I won't be flying from December until April.

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    • I like that, I think I'll have to get one of those.
  • I like this one but it doesn't come with a power supply. I had a 12v power inverter anyway. For the price it's a great little charger that will charge at 1C up to a 6000mah battery.
    • That is one that I was looking at.

    • If you do get that and a 12v power supply make sure and get at least 6A. Mine is 3A and the charger will stop if I do more than about 2.8A. I'll probably get a 10A power supply at some point.
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