Connecting Gimbal

I have been working-out a few problems before mounting my Gimbal.  I would like to do this now but I did not find any instructions on doing this.  Can anyone tell me where the wires go that are coming from the Iris?   and any photos would be great, also any suggestions to make this more successful. 

  Thanks for the help

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  • My TX is limited in number of channels.

    Can I control the gimbal tilt by the APM instead of TX?

    Is this working sequential (gradually) also, or just up/down?

    • James,  sorry,  one more question.  I see the 3 wires Brown, Orange, Red.  It talks about hooking the Brown and Orange, but does not mention about connecting the Red.  I am guessing  to the left of the brown on the + but wanted to make sure. 

    • You can connect Roll if you wish, but the Tarot will compensate for roll on its own. It has been said that you may experience "better" performance if you do not connect the Roll pin.

      Connecting Tilt allows you to use Ch6 to tilt up and down. You might possibly experience that 3DR did not set the firmware appropriately, however.

      Read the following threads:

      PIDs for the extra mass -

      Firmware setting for controllable tilt with Ch6 -

    • Question are the PIDs with the roll connected (or does it matter) ??

      Any know if it has made a difference ?

      Wish 3DR would put a not about changes like this in the support forum.
    • In mission planner I see where it says channel 6 tuning and the choice selected is None   is this what needs to be changed so it will adjust the camera up and down?

    • Michael -

      The official support forum is over here:

      Posting over there should bring your questions to the right eyes

    • 2 Weeks ago they had the red one connected to the CTR; but must have updated the connecting drawing to remove it. Let me know if it works with out the red one.

    • I did not hook the red one up for the reason you mentioned, but there is no movement up and down with switch 6   I have the brown and orange connected as shown?  I was not sure if that is something in Mission Planer that I need to change?

    • Thank you that was fast :-)  

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