Lost my Iris+ when I took it out for a mission today. Put it on auto to do it's mission and set the drone so that it would RTL if the battery voltage goes below 10.5 V. Needless to say it did not return. I am using APMplanner 2.0 to do the mission planning stuff. 

Any advice or help would be appreciated. 

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  • 10.5, without knowing the condition or weight of your copter, or condition of your battery pack, that's not leaving much room for error, additionally, setting rtl, as the default behavior, could vwry well have you climbing in alt to get to rtl alt, so at 3.5 volts a cell, for 10.5, on a fairly heavy craft if you are running camera and gimbal, or fpv equipment. Chances are, it's laying right around where it went into rtl.
    just now
    • Just an iris+ with 10.5V battery and a gopro attached (not with the gimbal, but screwed on in the front. Don't have it climbing in alt to RTL.
    • MC, what Paul meant, was the RTL has a height set parameter. I can't remember what the default is, but whatever it is on your rig, when/if it hit low voltage RTL, it would stop where it is, and try to climb to the pre-set altitude, "before" heading in the home direction. It could have completely drained the battery while trying to reach that altitude, and fell straight (sorta) down.

    • Thanks for the clarification. I set the RTL altitude to 0 to avoid any problems

  • Do you still have contact with the unit?  If so, hit the home icon on MP....should show you on the map where it is.

    • No more contact with unit. Tried the "Last pos." command and then hit "lat./Long." To give me a rough idea of where it is. It gave me a reading that was along the mission.
    • Mine took off and hit a 90 foot tree....and descended through the canopy to the ground...breaking stuff along the descent

      Good luck

  • Note: I do not have an android, therefore no tower and have only APMplanner to locate the drone.

    • How many flights on this iris before it flew away?

    • Between 40-60, a third of them were on auto pilot and the rest were manually done. Nothing seemed wrong with the auto when I used it before.
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