FAA N Number, Notary clarification

Does anyone have an N number for their IRIS yet? I've come across an issue that's stumping me.

To fly commercially, one needs a 333, a COA, and a registered aircraft with an N number (among other things). You cannot currently apply for a COA without an N number. According to this FAA guidance, getting an N number requires, among other things, "A full description of the UAS provided by the manufacturer, builder or applicant in a Notarized statement."

Well, I just got a response from 3DR about getting such a Notarized statement from them, which consisted of this:

"Thank you for contacting 3D Robotics.
We are unable to provide you with the documentation you are requesting.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Have a great day!"

So what now? I can't comply with the FAA without that document, and it seems like kind of an absurd mandate. Is DJI providing notarized documents? Yuneec? What's going on here? Thanks for any insight.

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  • Just got back from getting my stuff notarized for final submission.  Here's what I did:

    I went on the FAA website and requested certain N numbers for $20 apiece.  They told me weeks later what was available.  From there, I requested the paperwork to register those N numbers.  They sent me AC form 8050, that's what you need for the initial request.  You fill those out, along with the receipts for the drones.  Make sure the serial number is on the receipt.  Those cost $5 per form.  The FAA then sent me the forms back and the approved #'s.  

    Thought I was done until I read this thread.  What happened is I purchased one from Amazon and it didn't have the State it shipped from.  After re-reading the letter from the FAA, I needed to write a letter and include my Article of Organization from my LLC.  They also provide the worksheet for the type of vehicle, that's what you need notarized too.  

    It's possible to do by yourself and not hire out (although it's a pain).  You don't need anything from 3DRobotics, the FAA will send you what you need when you turn in your AC Form 8050.  

    Hope this helps!!  

    • When you say serial number on receipt can that be written on there ? All that i have is my best buy online invoice but no serial number on it.

    • This is for N numbers, not the new registration requirement which sounds like a quicker & easier process (I hope!).  I just got a Phantom with no serial numbers either shipped from China.  That will be interesting.  Have the FAA send you the 8050 forms and take a picture of the serial number with the receipt, maybe that will work?  

      Besides the long wait time on hold to speak with someone from the FAA, they'll walk you through.  Everything I wasn't able to obtain on paper (the state that amazon shipped from) I just wrote in the notarized affidavit.  

    • I talked to the FAA for awhile the other day, after getting my two N numbers mailed back in different envelopes with a mound of paperwork.  Mine is for an LLC.  She assured me if I made the changes we went through point by point they would go through this time.  The FAA is spending the $5 to register on a lot of stamps!

      Here's what I found out...the type of plane is rotorcraft.  It's an electric engine (I had put the Mah of the battery) & it has four engines (quad).  You're supposed to put the serial number of the engine, the Iris plus had the name of the rotors so I put that on there.  I'll let you all know if that works, this is all from the AC Form 8050.  Get those first, then you can get everything notarized from there.  Don't forget to put you're a US citizen in your letter! 

    • Got 'em!  Two N Numbers for my Iris + drones today.  The form you need is an 8050 they mail to you.  That's when you get the affidavit.  

      Boy that took a long time!  The 2 COA's I have pending haven't gone through yet.  I did get one through for another company & it took a few months.  

      NOTAMS I haven't had a problem with, which you can use for non-towered airports.  You just need a COA for Class B,C & D (mostly towered airports).   

  • You do not need an N number to file for exemption or to get your blanket COA that comes with every current exemption.  You will however need an N number when you go to start operating your UAV's for commercial purposes or to apply for any site specific COA's.  All that is needed for registration is a bill of sale and the Affidavit of ownership.  We cover all of this in our how to video https://youtu.be/51QlizSQFsc

    • What if I found it on Craig's List and paid cash. I have the original receipt from Fry's, but how do I prove it's mine?

    • AKRCGUY,  have you filed for a site specific COA and received approval? I'm sorry to keep going back to the same point but everything in terms of the 333 is really strait forward and easy to do. Same goes for N number registration. I've been around general aviation for a long time in the mapping industry and I know a lot of other companies that have their 333 exemption as well but I have yet to talk to someone that has received a site specific COA although I know quite a few who have filed. Heller was the closest I have heard to a success story but it sounds like there were problems as well with that one.

    • Yes, I have an exemption, blanket COA as well as site specific COA's.

    • No problem with the one that went through for another company, it just took about a month.  

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