FAA N Number, Notary clarification

Does anyone have an N number for their IRIS yet? I've come across an issue that's stumping me.

To fly commercially, one needs a 333, a COA, and a registered aircraft with an N number (among other things). You cannot currently apply for a COA without an N number. According to this FAA guidance, getting an N number requires, among other things, "A full description of the UAS provided by the manufacturer, builder or applicant in a Notarized statement."

Well, I just got a response from 3DR about getting such a Notarized statement from them, which consisted of this:

"Thank you for contacting 3D Robotics.
We are unable to provide you with the documentation you are requesting.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Have a great day!"

So what now? I can't comply with the FAA without that document, and it seems like kind of an absurd mandate. Is DJI providing notarized documents? Yuneec? What's going on here? Thanks for any insight.

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    • On second thought, you might be limited to 200' regardless.  The COA's are 5NM out from airports.  I remember one of the mining companies saying that they were restricted to 400' AGL even at the bottom of a pit.  That's what their exemption allowed.  The 200' went through after a hearing in April, the exemptions before that might have been higher?

      Check the FAA, Part 333 website, it should be on there if that's possible. 

    • With the blanket COA you have a max. Of 200'. You will be required to file for a new individual COA for a specific location and alt. It will not be part of the blanket COA.
      In stead of coming to a crowd source to make sure you are following the rules of your COA, call the FAA to answer your questions.
    • Thanks UAS Pilot. I figured this is the case based on conversations with the FAA and the wording of the COA and the 333. Have you filed a COA beyond the blanket COA? If so could you describe how long it took and if you were successful? Everyone I have spoken too have yet to receive one.

      In regards to not asking people questions on a "crowd source" site, I'm not sure I see the fault in that. Any one who has ever spent any time dealing with the FAA knows that "how to" is hard to come by. The FAA generally deals in "how not to" only. Online communities like this exist to find people who have the same interests as you and have had similar experiences. Our questions here are no different than some pilots in a pilot lounge at some FBO asking each other how this or that FAA inspector handled this situation. Please don't be so quick to judge and keep the conversation friendly and informative.

  • Edited the title of the post, sorry for the confusion and thanks for all the guidance.

  • So how would one go about registering a Luminier Danaus with a Pixhawk FC?

    • The biggest problem that I have heard people run  into is purchasing a system from overseas. If the company  you purchased from was sold to you from a company outside of the US, you need to get information from that countries civil aviation authority(CAA) that it has not been registered in that country. Its the same rules that are used on full scale aircraft. Currently they are just putting UAS systems in the same box that is used for full scale. When I spoke with the folks in Oklahoma City last, they said that a lot of people purchased Phantoms directly from DJI and they need to get a letter from the CAA of China. I have no clue how China is responding to this but if you purchase a Phantom from someone like Atlanta Hobby, its not an issue. I'm not sure this helps for your system but beware it is a problem.

  • We recently registered a Solo (N993DR) We did not have to get a letter from 3DR. We used the older method of using a 8050-88 and the 8050-1 with a receipt from Best Buy to show it was purchased in the US. It took less than 30 days to get our registration back. I'm told that they are going away from this approach but to my knowledge it still works.

    • @Christian Stallings, thanks for your comments. This is the best and only way to do this currently. The Federal Register has this information posted on possible future registration requirements: 


    • Perhaps there is a need for a wiki on how to register an N numbered drone? I'm sure not only would it be beneficial to the community but it would probably make the folks in Oklahoma City happy as well when they receive the paperwork.

    • I recommend that people follow the "Petitioning for Exemption under Section 333" checklist the the FAA provides for now. I would guess that the new registration rules would take effect sometime early to middle of next year. 

      To get updated information on all things 333 and UAS I would recommend that you subscribe to receive news from the FAA here:


      U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
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