FPV with IRIS?


I'm wondering if anyone has added a FPV kit to the IRIS. I would be interested in how and where to mount the parts (camera, transmitter with antenna, additional battery?).

Would there be enough space in the shell? If anyone has done this already, please post some pictures.

Thanks, and best regards, Udo

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    • Someone needs to model and 3d print a new battery door with a holder for an FPV transmitter.  Anyone?

  • I enter this setup for the "ghetto" award:


    Flew fine and got typical performance / range, but ... well ...

  • I would not mount any video Tx's inside the IRIS as this is asking for trouble.  You've got a GPS, Telemetry radio and your Rx all within inches of each other.

    • thanx I had the same opinion.. I was going to mount a 600mw on the front forward leg just in front of the gimbal wiring...ie we will see how far CG is off and counterbalance with other circuits on opposite legs if necessary.


  • I'm passing the GoPro's signal to a FatShark transmitter. Had to move the FRSky Rx foreword a bit, carve a little on the Iris's left rear cover, remove the five pin on the FS Tx, but is all fits nicely inside the Iris.

    No OSD yet.

    IRIS FPV Tx.png

    Iris FPV.png

    • Very nice FPV setup. Are you powering the TX from the main Iris battery as well? And could you perhaps share the full list of parts to get? Links? Would help a lot for a newbie like myself.


    • Brief video shot on a blustery (gusts to 15 knots).

      Gimbal and FPV to yaw Iris

    • Wow no problems with interference? And here I am worried about mounting my vtx on the bottom. 

    • Thanks Pete! Very nice images!

    • careful with putting that Vtx so close to the pixhawk. I wound up with a crash due to interference... 

      I wound up making an FPV Pod I could mount on the front so I could get the VTx away form the sensitive bits... 



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