• It looks like the identical part with all the cables also identical. I would buy the HK one even though I love 3dr, they just don't keep prices updated on their site, probably they buy at x and sell at y.

    There is an IRIS mounting plate though, which wouldn't come from Tarot.

    All the superstition about cheap copies is just misplaced brand loyalty in this case. The settings for our IRISes are simple and freely shared by 3dr like most if not all their code.

    It is a hero 3 mount. Assuming the 3+ kept the case size the same, the smart money buys Velcro straps for the hero and leaves the silly screw on bracket thingy in the spares box anyway. :-). So the shape of the front is less important thanks the shape size and weight of the overall case.

    Chris, who did the oh shit moment with Tarot gimbal reflashing and survived.
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  • #dr,s Tarot gimbal is setup to work specific for 3dr products so there is no adjusting to do! and it can be a real nitemare to stup properly so if you never messed with setting up a gimbal before by it from 3dr!

  • Save money, or save time and frustration

    My story... Bought an Iris+, bought the 3DR Tarrot gimble. Screwed it on, connected the wires as per pretty good instructions, and it worked beautifully! Tilts up and down with the knob on the radio! COOL! Bought a second Iris+ after the price drop on Amazon, just to be a test bird. Bought the cheap gimble, that everybody sells for around $50 $60. Had to rig a mount, as it was designed with DJI in mind. Got it on the Iris+, and nothing worked right. Spent an hour in mission planner, tweaking the gimble settings. Almost got it close to right, and when re-routing wires, plugged one in wrong, and let the magic smoke out of the gimble control board. Soooo, I ordered another 3DR gimble, screwed it on, connected the wires, annd presto! works perfect.

    BTW, I ordered 2 replacement controller boards for the cheap gimble, around $5 each, and they work.

  • China? Long shipping?

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