Has anybody heard anything about an iPhone/iPad version of Tower (aka *Droid*planner 3)?Between my Nexus9 and two Android phones it's not as if I need an iOS version personally, but I sure do hear the question alot. And to be honest, I wouldn't mind using Tower on my iPhone (I'm one of those people that actually likes both iOS and Android).Having said that, I'd hate to see development slow down because because the devs are distracted supporting two code bases, but it is open source so I wouldn't be surprised if someone has already started working on it.Has anybody heard anything?

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  • Ok. Clearly I should have googled "Iris+ iOS app" before I posted my question. Nonetheless I suppose it's useful to list some of the options in this thread.
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    There is MAVPilot http://AppStore.com/MAVpilot
  • We (Fighting Walrus) do have an iOS solution for iPhone and iPad.  The app is iDroneCtrl with the corresponding hardware iDroneLink.  The solution is compatible with the IRIS right out of the box.

    • Looks interesting. I think I'll try it out. It appears this is fairly new and lacks some key features (ROI waypoints, spline waypoints, and follow me), but I like to support efforts like this and I'm sure that given enough time you will be adding features. Can you give us any indication of what's next on the development roadmap?
    • 3/24/15 ROI is being worked on now.  Supporting the Parrot (AR.Drone 2.0, and Bebop) drones is what we are working on now.  Follow Me is our next big feature focus.

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