Iris+ 433 MHz telemery?

I just got a sweet deal on an Iris on ebay for $499. It showed up and seems to work fine, almost new. BUT: it has a 433MHz telemetry radio.

What am I in for with this? Am I breaking the law? Will it work well? Thoughts?

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    • Sounds like it tried heading back to Europe, hope you tagged it with a recovery note and some $$$ to encourage it home... :|

    • Not found yet? Sorry for you. 

    • Sorry about your loss Jimmy, but the TX should have been able to bring it home. I never trust the Android App completely.

    • Man I feel for you. Maybe had something to do with it being such a sweet deal?

    • I hit land, nothing. RTL nothing. Last sight of it was 700 meters from my a my spot. Cherry orchard maybe. Gimbal, modded GoPro, all gone. $1500.00 gone. I'm sick. 

  • Depends on your location. There was a guideline put out by 3dr advising what was legal where, I don't know if it still up to date but you should be able to find it online...

  • You can probably call 3DR and see if they will swap it for you.
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