IRIS+ blocks canon s100 GPS?


Does anyone dknow if the body of the IRIS+ with interfere with the GPS tagging in the canon s100 if the camera is mounted under the body?

Anyone have experience with this?



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  • Thanks Mr Oliver you are awesome. This is exactly what I have been looking for. You made my day!

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  • I have been trying to trigger a canon s110 with the pixhawk in the IRIS+ with the cable from tuffwing but I have not had success. I know it can be done and is the ideal way to geotag the images with the camera trigger. Has anyone been able to succeed in triggering the canon 110 with the pixhawk? Thank you for any help you might provide.

  • It should be fine. Make sure your bitmask parameter allows CAM log entries to be written to the dataflash log for later GeoTagging in Mission Planner. Use the GPS tagging in camera as a back up.

    • does the tutorial you posted above describe how to set bitmask, CAM logs and data flash logs?

      Sorry I am a total noob and all those terms are new to me.

      I am learning all this for one specific application. Im no professional haha

    • Here's the Parameters wiki page with a link to the bitmask values:

      You should have information that came with your drone detailing connecting to Mission Planner and viewing / changing parameters.

  • I have been down this route. Save yourself the time and forget using the GPS on these cameras. They are not accurate. Take the photos, then use the LOG files from the copter to sync up in your stitching software. 

    • I see thanks for the info.

      So I am thinking of hiring services from dronemapper. they have a very affordable rate and can create topo maps and I like being able to 'pay as you go'

      however the require that the photos be geotagged.

      is there a good way to tag them befor sending to a service like that?

      Where can I find a solid step by step guide on syncing photos to flight log info?

    • There it is thank you very much!!

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