Iris not functioning quite right...

I had a hard landing and now the IRIS is not functioning as it was brand new.  What are my options for figuring out what is wrong? Do I need to call 3DR and get support? Is there a better way to start a self diagnosis?

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    • Ha sounds like my first flights.

      Im finding the RTL landing is a little....slow 

      You can change the settings in APM planner. Ive reduced the hold timer (think its 5 sec by default?) at RTL position and also RTL height.

      If you are in a windy place like I am (Wellington NZ is known for its wind) the Iris behaves a little odd. Im pretty sure its just the barometer readings as air pressure changes from the wind.

      Also make sure you have the throttle stick down to tell it to actually land (if in alt hold or loiter).

      Be ready to flick it to 50% and switch to stabilize to make a hasty manual land. very practiced with manually recovering control and not reliant on GPS. I had mine suddenly fly away when switching to RTL. Before I knew it it had travelled out of the sports park over some houses. Luckily Loiter worked and I could guide it over an alley way. But yeah I should have switched to stabilize much faster and brought her down.

      More practice!


  • Connect to Mission Planner and follow the 3DR youtube video's.

  • I may not be of any help, but it may help other responders to describe what you mean by "[..] hard landing [..]" and "[..] not functioning as it were brand new[..]" to help you try and troubleshoot.

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