Iris plus

On my first flight with the iris, I noticed that it would slowly drift back on loiter mode. I re calibrated the accelerometer but when I tested it after taking off the iris climbed about 20 meters then crashed resulting in four broken props and a prop arm.. (I must say a very gut wrenching feeling and I felt like I crashed with the drone when it happened).I'm hoping someone could tell me what went wrong with the iris..Thanks!

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  • 3D Robotics

    Hi Paul,

    Can you open a ticket with us at  Please also send the logs.  We'll get to the bottom of this!

    • Oh and the battery Door broke as well..
      This is fucked... I'm not sure now if I made the right choice going with the iris+
      Because I'm in Australia I spent almost $2000 just to get it here with all the other extras and something was already wrong with it out of the box. They make the iris look so good online and I'm sure it is but it still doesn't change the fact that mine fucked out.
    • Yeah mate,
      I've sent the logs already to 3DR and a photo of the damaged Iris.
      I hope they can help me with this soon.

      Thanks vu
  • Thats strange indeed.

    I bought two IRIS+ and both fly really solid out of the box. I did no calibration what so ever.

    • It was a shock to me too mate,
      On my first flight something was already odd, it wouldn't hover on loiter mode and would always drift back. And when I flicked it to RTL, the copter almost flipped over while trying to land by itself.
  • You will have to download log files and upload then to dyidrones for people to have a look at it

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