Iris radio and extra channels


Having fun and looking at my radio. There are so many buttons and dials.

Besides gimbal control, what else are people setting up for their spare channels?.

Im thinking:

- Simple, Super simple mode

- Geofence Toggle

Are the options to:

- Commence circle at this position.

- Comence follow me (of a secondary target in mission planner)

Actually does any one know if the ROI or follow me is available yet?



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  • Hi Paul,

    First, I changed Channel 5 to utilize six different modes using the two switches. They are: Altitude Hold, Position Hold, Auto, Stabilize, Circle and RTL. The first three are with the two position switch up, and the last three with it down. I'm having a blast now with Stabilize, learning to overcome my tendency to "cross thumbs" if I am not really concentrating. It needs to become instinctive before you try it when there is any possibility of distraction., i.e., get out of that mode if anyone walks up and starts talking to you. I am planning to change Circle mode (I haven't used it much) to Drift mode for some more kicks. See here for how to do it:

    Second, I activated Channel 8 and assigned the THR switch (left rear) to Simple mode. At first, I used Super Simple, but it requires GPS and it occurred to me that the most likely use is if I were flying in Auto mode and lost GPS. I could bring the bird home even if I wasn't sure about orientation. Here is what I started with:

    Its a little different for IRIS+, but I was able to figure it out with this starting point.

    From my experience, Follow Me definitely works, but there appears to be an issue with pointing direction with Tower. I can't say that for ROI, but from what I've read here and elsewhere it appears to work for others.

  • How would one connect fat shark trinity head tracker goggles to the tilt function of the tarot 2d gimbal?

  • No need for Windows.  Download APM Planner 2.0 for MAC.

    For anyone needing it, here is the tutorial I followed to add channel 8.

    • Todd,  In that tutorial, how did you get the submenu for Edit, Insert, Copy, Move, Delete under the 'Highlight and Copy CH 7 settings' section?  I could never find that and in all my fiddling, ended up w/ an extra "=MAX 100 !ELE" under CH 7 and now several incorrect ones copied in error to CH 8, all w/ the "...!ELE"

    • The FS-TH9X PDF manual I've found online differs from the TX firmware that came with my IRIS+. I, too, had multiple copies of mixes when trying to set up channel 8. Still haven't figured out how to properly assign CH8 to Super Simple mode for filming, even after a radio recalibration and assignment in APM Planner 2, but I did figure out how to remove mixes. (My experiments resulted in SS mode always on, no matter the switch position)

      • When the selection is on the item you'd like to delete, continue to single press the MENU button until the selection has a dotted outline
      • Long-press the EXIT button to delete
    • Joe, Once I got CH8 live from the Tx, All I did was set it in Standard Params and it seemed to work.  Had one test flight w/ it using Super Simple mode.  Here's where it was;


    • Mike, did you try a long press on the Menu button instead of a short press?
    • John, I have.  I tried several times with different variations of "long". They all took me to that mixer channel Edit screen. 

    • @Todd, How did channel 8 turn out? What function did you set up?

      • return to armed yaw
      • simple
      • super simple
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