Iris radio and extra channels


Having fun and looking at my radio. There are so many buttons and dials.

Besides gimbal control, what else are people setting up for their spare channels?.

Im thinking:

- Simple, Super simple mode

- Geofence Toggle

Are the options to:

- Commence circle at this position.

- Comence follow me (of a secondary target in mission planner)

Actually does any one know if the ROI or follow me is available yet?



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    • I'm trying return to armed yaw.  So far no go yet.

      The one time I went out recently nothing happened.

      I could see the channel moving on the transmitter but the quad did nothing.

      I checked my parameters and it somehow had reset to do nothing.

      I have updated my parameters and will try again sometime this week.

    • Still can't get this to work.  Ch 8 shows up in my TX and goes from 992 to 2016 but thequad does nothing. 

      I have my channel  8 option set to 12 which is return to armed yaw and verified that after as soon as it didn't work..

      I have calibrated my radio twice and then set the channel 8 option. 

      Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?  Maybe returned to armed yaw doesn't do what I think it does? Shouldn't this return the qaud to it's yaw orientation of when it was armed?


    • Todd, Have you confirmed the change for channel 8? Also, You should see the value change in mission planner when you throw the switch during calibration.


    • Thanks Dan.  I'm using APM Planner and confirming the changes are being written by checking them on  DroidPlanner on my tablet.  I'm going to try RTL and see if that works.  I do notice in APM Planner that using RTL and flipping the switch causes the mode to change and the bar to move.  When I use return to armed yaw I only see the bar move and nothing else, but that is probably because the qaud is not armed.


    • Todd: I am wondering if the firmware on the Pixhawk could be part of the issue. Which version are you using? I am using the beta version so I can use follow me. I have yet to test return to home yaw but I may get a chance to test it today. Let me know if you get it running as I am not far behind you on this problem.

    • I am wondering if Return To Yaw is supported in firmware 3.2. I think it would worth looking into which firmware release it worked on last.

    • I am using whatever is the latest firmware 3.2. something.

      I did finally get RTL to work.  I then tried changing to return to armed yaw after landing, but no go.    Maybe I needed to start fresh and unplug the battery for return to armed yaw.

      But RTL did work!

  • Sounds very useful and tutorial was easy. 

    Now to try Return to Armed Yaw.

  • I notice that Position mode is not an option while configuring the channels, I'm assuming this is superseded by LTR at this point, as it serves basically the same function?

    • PosHold mode is not working for me, although it does it good impression of AltHold...the channel is definitely set up correctly. I'll keep trying, I'm pretty sure 95% of my issues are user error at this point.

      Also learned an important lesson in switching from LTR to STB with a fully loaded IRIS: better make sure you are laying on the throttle pretty hard. I thought I had enough throttle when I switched modes at about 100' altitude, but it started dropping quickly and didn't have the lift to recover at full throttle as it dropped. I slowed the descent enough to avoid major damage, but barely.

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