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Hello all,

  I am not new to APM or arducopter, but I wanted something easy so I bought an Iris+. I have flown about 10 batteries and it was flying great until this afternoon.

  I had one good flight, landed and put a new pack in and took off in Alt hold mode (since I am using the TX as it was setup). I Switched to loiter mode and the IRIS hovered fine for a minute, and then started acting unusual. It started to not respond to my inputs, so I switched to RTL and the IRIS started to climb and fly away. It was like I had very little input into what it was doing. I switched back into Alt Hold mode with no change. I managed to get it to come back to me and got all the way down to a few inches off the ground, put throttle to min, and it proceeded to accelerate sideways and slammed into the side of my house.

   This is quote unnerving and I really need to get to the bottom of it before I fly again. I am running Copter 3.2.1. I have attached my log, if anyone has any insight into what the heck was going on I would greatly appreciate it.



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  • So I was finally contacted by 3DR about this, and they actually offered to repair it. Sadly I bought it used from someone so I don't think that I will end up getting any help. Thanks for your input guys. I guess at this point I will just replace the PixHawk and hope that cures it.


    • Developer

      I asked customer support to make sure they get your Pixhawk back for autopsy so you should be fine regardless of it being out of warranty.

    • I haven't Heard from customer service in about two weeks now so I am not sure if they are planning on doing this or not.

    • 3D Robotics

      Hi StevenK,

      Please check your email.  We're eagerly awaiting the opportunity to help you out! :)

    • Thanks Craig, my pixhawk would appreciate a good autopsy. I know any expert info about what happened would put me more at ease about flying with the system again.


    • Mine was used too. Out of warranty is the biggest hang up. If it is still under warranty I think they will help you. I had to buy a new Pixhawk but they reduce the price.
  • I don't like the GPS plot of flight 30.  It shows that it started on the West side of the house and then quickly flew East and up to 70 meters in about 8 seconds.  I didn't think that IRIS had it in it.  Also if that truly happened how did you not lose sight of it.

    • I usually see GPS drift when the GPS is close to a building.  Then without warning the GPS jumps several meters in a random direction causing the flight controller to move the copter in the opposite direction very rapidly.  The flight controller doesn't seem to have any damping for how far it needs to move to follow GPS position in Loiter or Position Hold.

      This flight didn't seem to be near any buildings that would have caused it to jump though.

    • I was trying to take pictures of my yard at the time, so I was flying through the video link. It definitely took off in a hurry, but I don't think it could have gone more then about 150 feet high at the most. Looks like there is a lot more going on then I thought. The response I got from 3DR was that I needed to do a Magcal....

    • Yes, I was wondering about that too.  Randy says the GPS Lat/Lon logging is straight from the GPS, not inertial blend.  So unless there was also a GPS glitch, then that's what it did.

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