Iris+ shaking GoPro Hero4

Ok so having a little bit of an issue with the Iris+ and GoPro Hero4. This has just started recently, whenever I fly forward, backwards, left, or right the video shakes a bit. Kind of like you are driving on a gravel road.I have installed brand new propellers, and it seems like that is when it first started. If i hover in the air it does not shake at all, just when I go to move.I also notice only 1 motor kind of gives a clicking sound when putting on the propeller. After you spin it on, it does click, but tighting it down just the slightest bit stops that sound from happening.Could the new propellers need balancing? Would they actually not have been balanced by the manufacturer? I always fly in LTR, and some say it might be the GPS suttle changes it is making to the Iris+ to keep it balanced that could cause this shaking. Though I don't remember experience this before. Doubt it is the gimball as it seems to function just fine.Any help would be great. I have included the 2 videos below. One of my flight, and the shaking I get. The other of the motor clicking.Thank you.Watch "Iris+ Shaking GoPro Hero4" on YouTube "Iris+ motor clicking" on YouTube

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  • If your gimbal mounted on rubber dampers, tightening them or using a stiffer ones could help here.

    • Been busy, did happen to find time to recalibrate the compass (11,000+ points in total). Still shaking. Will be trying the ESC soon.

      Tried recalibration the gimball, didn't help any :(
    • I found this really good video on tweaking the Tarot gimble, to eliminate the "shakes". Pretty informative.

      Also, I just had to replace one motor on one of my Iris+, bad bearing, clicking noise, etc. etc.

    • I actually followed that video to the T before. Didn't fix anything, actually messed it up. Had to go back into mission planner to reload the default.

      The gimbal works perfect in STD, just when flying in LTR is when I get the shaking.
  • I have had similar trouble with my setup. The copter and gimbal get a bit of a feedback loop/ pendulum effect going regardless of PIDs. No amount of auto tuning or fiddling would fix it. I fought with it for a month before remembering an article I had read on the arducopter wiki a good while back about vibration damping for flight controllers. In it they talked about a method for increasing stiffness of the dampers by shoving a foam earplug inside the hollow bulb. It worked like a charm and it instantly fixed the very noticeable shaking of the whole system.

  • Nick, you mentioned that you installed new props and that is when the shaking began. Good to hear that you solved the clicking in the motor noise but as far the shaking is concerned it would be best to start with those new props and see if they are in fact balanced.

    When I purchase props I always check to see if they are balanced even if they say they come already balanced. Its a simple thing to check and a good habit to get into.

    Get them a check and let us know how it goes.

    Todd H.

    • Sorry to all not replying so soon. Been working on my new computer build, went to yard sales with the wife, and had to edit and upload this video.

      I think the problem is LRT mode. As you can see I switch from LTR to STD mode on the fly. You can notice a big difference in the flying.

      So I would calibrate the ESC, Compass, or both? Thanks all for the input and help.

    • I'd try both, can't hurt. Strange, I can hear the motors kinda twitching when your in loiter. Might be just a PID/setting, that needs to be backed off some. Maybe try going back to the pre-configured settings in Mission Planner, for the Iris+ w/gopro on gimble, or mounted to front. Even if you don't write the settings to your Iris, it will show the difference between what you have, and the recommended setup. Mission Planner/Tower, can be a whole learning experience, in itself! Seems as if 3DR is trying to simplify the process with the Solo. We'll see. I love all the available settings on my Pixhawk, however, it requires a lot of study when going from something dirt simple, like a Naza Lite, or Naze board. Kinda like going from sitting behind the wheel of a cheap compact car, and then going behind the wheel of a top end Mercedes or Lexus. Lots of bells and whistles for sure!

  • I ended up tighten down these 2 bolts, and it stopped the clicking sound.

    Although that did not stop the jittering I am getting in the video. So I went ahead and loaded Mission Planner, went to parameters and loaded them for the Iris + gimbal. Will try tomorrow to see if that worked.

    I went to calibrate the gimbal, but everything looked ok. So tried the mission plannwr approach first to see.

    • It's a good idea to check the tightness of all the screws you can get to. Also if you ever get into the dirt/ground, you'd be amazed at all the iddy biddy pieces of steel, usually rust particles, that get stuck to the magnets in the motors. When they pile up enough, they start to drag on the moving parts of the motor. Removing the lock ring to get the bell off the motor can be a real pain. I usually blow my motors out, once in awhile with an air compressor and 120 lbs of pressure. But those magnets are strong. I also had 1 magnet come loose on a motor, it would drag, and click, once in awhile. Took the motor apart, and re glued with a tiny dab of epoxy. Still running.

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