Iris to Iris+ upgrade questions (Mission Planner)

I'm finally getting around to upgrading my Iris to Iris+ and I having a problem with Mission Planner.  When I open MP and click the Config/Tuning tab I don't see the Full Parameter List to install the new Iris+ settings.  I connected the Iris with both the USB cable and the telemetry radio.  I have the latest version of MP installed.  What step am I missing?  Thanks.

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  • I just did this last week as well, and you need the 1.X version of MP here:

    The newer APM Planner 2.0 does not have the parameter feature yet.

    Additionally you need to be connected to the drone (via USB or telemetry radio) for the button to appear.

    Also note that I had to calibrate the ESC's which is a step that is not mentioned in the instructions.  If when you arm the motors don't spin at idle speeds you need to calibrate the ESCs.

    Lastly be aware that the "Std" mode on the IRIS+ is now Alt-Hold, not stabilize, and the CH5 will now put the drone into "Land" when it is put in the "off" position.

    Some gotcha's I ran into when doing the upgrade.

    • Thanks for the tips.  I already knew about the ESC calibration.  The version of MP I have is 1.3.17 (I'm not using APM Planner).  The link you posted takes me to version I'm currently using.

    • Complete noob here, but isn't there a check box you have to click inside standard params to show advance params?

    • YES!  That's what I had to do to get the full list.  Thanks for mentioning that- I knew I missed something.

    • Great. Happy flying.
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