Landing drone flips over and will not turn off?

Landing RTL drone flips over ( stupid mole hill, or grass) and will not turn off. This happened to me on a landing a few times. The device will flip over and continues running, I cannot shut it off.  I use down to the left, no dice in any mode. It finally killed itself. Is there a way to program a death switch? The last time it ate up a pair of blades.

I have had this happen a few times, on 2 separate drones. 

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    • Ok, how about an "it's landed" switch that will let the iris know, before it does, that it is in fact on the ground?

      ps... I did get mine back in the air today :[)

  • I know this isn't a real answer to your question, but if I'm not sure about the landing (dirt, level, etc.) I have taken to just catching it. Many props saved. lol

    • Maybe this is the answer! Turn the legs into handles....

    • Not sure I'd want four high powered spinning blades that close to my face. I would not recommend this method. It's better to have a broken coptet than a slashed face. You can have anything happen they last few seconds.
    • Thats a Crazy idea! I am literally going to design them now. 

    • Just switch to stabilize with throttle down to 0 when the land code is not detecting the land and then disarm.

    • I'm using APM 2.6, all my missions end with RTL.

      6 feet or so, I pull the throttle all the way down.

      At this point, APM controls throttle, and at the moment of touching, I flick to STAB mode.

      Hasn't failed me yet......

      It helps to come from a "real rc heli" world :-)

    • +1

    • I do exactly the same on 2.5 and have never had a problem i also come from rc heli background

    • +1 

      Real rc heli habbits rock. 

      The downside is that you sometimes try to "disarm" rc heli when land. It turns to be dangerous ;)

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