I am not sure what happened, but maybe someone can point me to the error I made:

After upgrading the firmware to 3.1.5 I went through the recalibration process, loaded the Iris with Front GoPro sessings and did the accelerometer calibration. The radio calibration worked fine.

I went to the flight mode settings and wanted to activate the super simple mode for test.

I am not sure whether it was related to this, but when I went back to the radio calibration tab all green bars are gone. The radio is totally unresponsive.

When restarting the Iris, the light blinks blue and stays in that node. 

I cannot get the Iris armed, neither via Radio nor via Ground Station.

The telemetry receiver status light in the Iris is green. I did the repairing twice to ensure it is properly done.. to no avail.

Does anybody have an idea where I made a mistake or where I can start debugging?




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  • I guess you do not. But I did anyway as I reloaded default parameters and I wanted to be on the safe side.

    Re-doing it should not lead to an unresponsive radio.

  • Are you supposed to go through the recalibration process after installing new firmware?  I didn't when I installed V3.1.4 and I just installed 3.1.5.

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