• Hi guys, I'm a beginner with the Iris+ and new to this group. I've got a new Iris+ and have had about 5-6 good flights so far. Today, I had it flip twice on me, dinging up the propellers a little bit. It seems to be flying ok now, but unsure of what caused the flips. I think I may have lifted it up to turn on the GoPro (haven't attached Gimbal because 3DR didn't send bolts with it) Do you think picking up the front could have caused something to flip it?

    Also, any other steps I need to take before the next flight? In case anything was messed up during the flips/crash?


  • If it is the original iris+ firmware that can happen.

    • Hello Michael

      what do you meen with "If it is the original iris+ firmware that can happen" ?

      Is there a new firmware, which is recommended by 3DR to flash on the IRIS+

      Up to now i thought the firmeware of the IRIS (AC3.2-iris) is something special from 3DR and should not be updated with the firmware out of Mission Planner.

    • Hello Dax

      a look in my log file shows me that firmware on my IRIS+ is "ArduCopter V3.2-Iris (b212c020)"

      Should this be updated ?

    • Dax,

      Do you know off hand what the recommended version of 3.2 is to update to? Is it ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb)? That is what is on mine and they seem to flip some times on take off as well.

  • Is it flipping to the side or to one edge?

    In the latter case it could be a motor that is not working well

    • It behaves as I have applied a massive amount of roll and also, throttle response is very violent- 20% of it is enough to cause a flip

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