no copy or edit function on 3dr radio

I have been trying to upgrade my iris+ with a new feiyu g3 gimbal. Ive watched this youtube video... it they show what control switches to use, followed the instructions. However when I get to copying or we editting the info I don't have or hear the same menu options. I have attached a video link to show exactly what the deal is... Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Kevin,

       I can give you some assistance with this later on this evening. I use a FYG3Ultra and can walk you though the whole setup.


    • I appreciate that Todd. Im wating for my gimbal mount to show up right now. But getting the radio working would be great!
      What's your preferred way of communication?
    • First let's begin with the TX (controller)

          You can use any of the 3 knobs, I prefer CH6 and it's already labeled TILT.

      3702696714?profile=originalNext turn on your tx and from the main screen press down on the MINUS (-) button and hold it until the main menu appears.

      You should see MODELSEL highlighted in the upper left corner.

      Now press the MINUS button 4times and you should now see MIXER highlighted in the upper left corner.

      Scroll down using the DN button until you are on CH6.3702696768?profile=original

      Once on CH6 the number value in the center should be highlighted.

      When highlighted press and hold the MENU button and that will bring up the setting screen for that CH.3702696565?profile=original

      Go through each setting using the UP and DN buttons and then adjust them so they match these by using the PLUS or MINUS buttons.

      Once you have finished that press the EXIT button to exit all the way back out to the main screen.

      From the main screen, the screen where you can see the 2 boxes, each representing the left and right stick, press the UP button till you see this screen.

      3702696735?profile=originalWhat we are doing here is verifying that the tx is showing values when you turn the CH6 knob. Go ahead and turn the knob and that bar should go all the way right and all the way left.

      Once you see that it is correctly moving in sync with the knob we can move on to Mission Planner.

      Load up Mission Planner and connect your IRIS+ as normal.

      Once you have MP loaded and the IRIS+ is properly connected go into INITIAL SETUP.

      On the left side, open up the Optional Hardware menu and click on Camera Gimbal.

      3702696748?profile=originalThe only area that needs any adjustment is the TILT section.

      Go through those boxes and change them to match what you see above.

         * The numbers in the SERVO LIMITS control the overall range that the camera tilts all the way down and all  the way up. These can be adjusted to your own preferences at anytime. For now use mine till you get better familiarized with your gimbal.

      Next go into Radio Calibration.

      3702696578?profile=originalSince we are going to use CH6 (single knob on the front of the tx) we need to calibrate the tx and make sure it is seeing the full range of that knob and the correct values.

      Run the Radio Calibration making sure to calibrate all the sticks, knobs and switches.

      You should see these values for CH6.


      That is it for MP. Go ahead and safely disconnect the IRIS+ from it.

      Connections for the Feiyu-Tech G3 to the IRIS+ are simple.

          IRIS+            Gimbal

          RED  ------------ RED

          BLACK  -------- BLACK

          WHITE  --------- WHITE (Tilt)

      *DO NOT mix up the red and black connection. If you pair red with black and black with red and then connect the battery it will cause serious damage to your IRIS+.

      Once that is complete, go ahead and turn on your tx, install your GoPro in the gimbal, install a battery and power up your IRIS+.

      Once it has run through it's Initialization Procedure, both the IRIS+ and the gimbal, turn the CH6 knob and you should see your camera tilt up and down.   

      If it doesn't please go through the walkthough again and verify that everything is correct.

      If you have any other questions please feel free to ask either in a post or messaging.

      Todd H.

    • Todd,
      I appreciate all the info. I followed the steps, however because I'm waiting for the adapter plate to the gimbal. Then i can test the tilt operation and confirm.
      My next question has to do with programming the pan function of the g3 gimbal.
    • If you want to manually control the pan of the FY then the steps are basically the same, just program that function to one of the other 2 knobs and connect the control wire into the IRIS+

      Todd H.

  • Developer

    It explains how to copy. The first move it copies the entry but adds it to the same channel, press down again and then it moves to the next channel.

    I'm not sure why the copy menu isn't shown, maybe a long press will make it show?
    How to Configure a Switch for CH8 on the Iris Quad
  • Would love to know this as well.
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