RTL not working as advertised...

Hey guys, yesterday I had a scary situation.  A had the IRIS + in Auto mode and when completed I switched to STD and signaled for RTL.

At that time the quad was only about 20 M from me (x,y,z).  As soon as I switched to RTL the IRIS took off in the opposite direction and elevated to around 100 M.  So it was several 100 Ms (x,y) from me and 100M in the z direction.  

I thought for sure it was gone.  Eventually, after several minutes it slowly came back and landed at the original launch location.

Any thoughts? I was using droid planner but I am not sure how to get any info off of that app to see the logs ( I am still kind of new to the this)



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  • Ok, I was able to find the log file, but I am not really sure what to look for to see where the problem is coming from.  Much thanks to anyone that can help.

    2014-11-23 16-32-24.log

  • One thing I have noticed and I want to make a dedicated post it it is that the droid planner has 2 existing issues that seem to be very critical.

    1 is that sometimes even after powering off and back on and restarting the droid application, there is a line drawn to the horn of africa. This concerns me, that the craft my think its return to home is across the atlantic. Usually i restart my tablet and the drone and controller to make this line disappear.

    2. Saved home position. It appears as though, you can save a mission plan and save a home location completely away from your take off. I setup a mission for a location about 2 miles away from where I created the mission. At the site when trying to load the open the mission file, the mission file had saved a home location completely away from my current location. Maybe it is by design, but I dont think that mission plans should have the ability to save the HOME location in the mission plan. I would almost bet money, the return to home on that mission would not be where i was, but where "HOME" was saved on the mission. I believe I still have that mission file saved if it could be of use.

    Triple Check Everything

    There is a button that allows droid planner to expand the view of the entire missions path. Use this to make sure you dont have a home position or way point somewhere way out in some place. 


  • 3D Robotics

    Hi Keith,

    Yes, please download the logs and open up a ticket with us at help@3drobotics.com.  We'll get to the bottom of this.  If you have questions on how to pull your logs and want us to walk you through it, please call 858-225-1414.  Just to gather more data, was this your IRIS+ or your upgraded IRIS?  Not that it matters any, but the more data we have, the better.  Thanks!

    • This was my upgraded IRIS to the IRIS+ kit

  • I don't trust mission planner for downloading logs.  I have had it download only a portion of the log and then filled the reset in with junk.  I thought no problem I will just download it again, only to find that it deleted the log on the copter at the same time.

    No thanks, I always take the top off my IRIS and remove the compact flash and copy the files onto my desktop somewhere for future reference.

    I leave the files in bin format for compact storage.

    Love the logs though, really helps in checking things out.


    • I still do that too Michael. I'm still running 3.1.4 but supposedly 3.2 curse the corrupted log download issue?


  • You gotta download the flash log from the Pixhawk using Mission Planner. The link Paul posted below should get you there.

  • This has happened to me before but my issue may not be the same as yours.

    In the Pixhawk there is a setting for what altitude the bird goes to before RTL. If you want it to RTL at the same altitude it's flying when you execute the command, then this parameter must be set to zero(0).

    If the setting is say 50 meters then when you command the RTL it will first go to 50 meters then return home.

    I would look up the parameter right now but I don't have access to my Pixhawk at the moment.

    This would not however cause it to take off in the opposite direction, just the altitude change.

    If you retrieve the log and upload we could take a look

    • Thanks, dumb question, would the same log be on Droid Planner?

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