What steps to take to install new Pixhawk in Iris+

I finally received my replacement Pixhawk last week and now need to install it and get everything back in running condition. I have not had to set up a flight controller and integrate into an air frame before so I want to make sure I am going in the right order and taking all the precautions I can. 

Here is the list I've put together to capture the high level steps...

  1. Install Copter firmware
  2. Connect all wiring
  3. Set parameters specific to Iris+ in Mission Planner
    1. What parameters?
    2. Set failsafes
    3. Set flight modes
  4. Assure RC Tx links to RC Rx and Telemetry is working
  5. Calibrate all sensors and radios
  6. Install GPS Tracker
  7. Test flight
    1. Mode sequence

                                                               i.      Manual

                                                             ii.      RTL

                                                           iii.      Land

                                                           iv.      AltHld

                                                             v.      Loiter

                                                           vi.      Cir

Is there anything else or other details you would add to this list?

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  • First flight was a resounding success I'd say. 15:07 flight time using 3198 mAh and ending at 11.0V. Mostly hovering and very low (< 6 m) and slow manuevers. Mixed it up in Stab,AltHld,and Loiter. Nothing unusual during the flight. Ran an auto analysis and everything looks good. Still need to run a vib analysis flight. Tomorrow... my nerves are shot. Those 15 minutes felt like an hour...

    • What is an auto analysis?  Can you tell us step-by-step how you assess the flight?  Mine is flying GREAT but I want to have some diagnostic info for peace of mind.

  • I am having to replace my Pixhawk also,  I would appreciate any additional details also.


    • I was told by another user that if I am going to use AHRS_EKF_USE = 1 (which I am ) to set that BEFORE doing calibrations. Also to turn off the "Auto Complete" option for compass calibration to enable me to get as many data points as I want for that particular calibration.

  • 3D Robotics

    The IRIS+ parameters can be loaded automatically in Mission Planner. Just select it from the list of standard param files. 

    • Thanks Chris. Just want to be sure I am not glossing over something or making some faulty assumptions. 

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