Why no auto shut off when it crashes?

So I belong to the novice group of pilots that have gained much experience through many crashes.  I'm getting there though :)  I just enjoy running before I can walk.

So in my multiple crashes, one question keeps coming up;  Why doesn't it shut off automatically when it crashes?

Why must the propellers keep spinning and burning the motors while it's upside down in the bushes, busting off prop blades until I can get over to it and unplug the battery or have enough sense to shut it down via controller?

Is there a way in Mission Planner or Droidplanner to tell it to quit spinning the props once some kind of trauma has been detected, or once it goes upside down for hell's sake?  I mean if nothing else, the compass would know when it's upside down!

Any tips?


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  • If you're in an autonomous mission your throttle should/can be down. All you need is one switch to override all others that goes to a NON-GPS channel. The Iris should at the very least stop where it's at and descend. If you can still see it then maybe cushion the blow by giving some throttle. 

  • The "down and left" action requires valuable seconds of patience which is difficult when you have just watched your drone crash and it's still breaking off blades.

    Here is what happens, this is my video of just one of my crashes. The blame is on my own operation error, but the failure to shut off after crashing is purely shameful.

    Cringe along as you listen to the motors continue to burn as it's upside down and not spinning, I have to disconnect the battery cable to shut it down.

  • the automated "kill switch" would be nice if you ran into a situation beyond line of site in an auto mission, but before that I'd rather just have a simple manual kill switch I can control from the Tx.

    My Naze32 250 is convenient vs my IRIS+ because I have a switch configured as arm / disarm I can flip if there is an issue. I think it would drastically cut the number of "flip after landing" problems people have when they hit "down and left" disarm before the IRIS thinks it is definitively landed and can be disarmed.

  • Yes. I "dead man's" switch. That would be great. 

  • Well, there's talk of implementing a kill switch into the firmware.  My understanding is that it hasn't been implemented yet but soon would be.

    I thought that the current firmware had crash detection?  Any idea what firmware you're running?


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