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  • Ordering the whole enchilada. Iris, gimbal, extras, and PoPro Black. Does anyone know how long this back order is going to be? Won't hold you to it, but would love to get an idea of how long I am going to wait. I am going to pull out of the Pocket Drone kickstarter and put my $$$ on the Iris. Is this the smart move? Thanks. Also, any Austinights going to be flying theirs thus weekend at the long center?
  • Paul,


    I thought out of the box failsafes were in play. I also started to poke around MP and found the nice battery info.


    Again, I hope 3DR steps their presence in the forums that they say are for product support.

  • I am flying the same one as Andrew with great results. Also have tried the valuehobby 4000mAh ones with good results and am waiting on the valuehobby 5000mAh to see the results with that.

  • I use this battery it's only 16 grams heavier and 1000 more mAh
  • With the battery troubles reported is there a comparable or larger capacity battery that is confirmed to fit in IRIS? 

  • I bought two batteries with my Iris. One would not charge using the charger included in the kit. It would start in discharge balance mode and never switch to charge mode. I put the battery on my Losi charger and it charged fine and seems to be working well; however, between the wind and the rain I've not been able to fly much. That is I've not been able to test flight duration. This is my first quad - on an airplane when the voltage drops the motor cuts out completely but of course you can glide it in and if you pull the throttle back to zero, the battery will recover giving you just a bit of power for landing. With the quad I guess I'll be running a timer and put the it on the ground before the battery begins to fade. I've also ordered some batteries from an alternate source.

  • I hate to say it but the batteries I received were not great quality. Both of them would drop like a rock after 10.5. I was 10 ft off the ground and it was at 8.8V by the time it landed. I tried another battery that was 2650 and a year old and it landed at 10.3 from the same height. This could really screw some new users that might not know better. 

  • I got my IRIS just over a week ago, and I had it up in the air, no problems, on the first day.
    I am taking small steps, trying just one or two features each flight. I have flown almost every day now, despite the below freezing temps in snowy New England. I have had no problems, and each new mode I try seems to work perfectly!
    So far I am very impressed!
    I just need to make some snow shoe landing gear.

    My suggestion to others starting out, is don't get ahead of yourself and try something big with your new bird before making sure you have confirmed you have made all the right settings, and have tried your setup low and easy first.
    I am as eager as anyone to try all the cool features right away, but, starting with the very basics and working upward in complexity in small, confirmed steps is a better approach.

    We will attract clueless onlookers as we fly our new IRIS quads, and we need to impress them with how safe they are when operated properly, and how perfectly in control of the system we the pilots are. They need to have a positive impression of our activity. Then, when they are having coffee with their local politician, they will give us the thumbs up.
    We do not want them to see us trying and failing (crashing), and appearing out of control, and a threat to humanity.

    So, please fly safe, have fun, and be a good ambassador to our sport.
  • Had a similar problem, luckily my iris was on the ground while I was trying to liftoff and then I see the drone struggling to move. But honestly I didn't check the color of the notification led but definitively no beep. Later I was pissing about (i am a n00b) with mission planner and droidplanner and andropilot and I noticed that in the settings battery notification was not enabled. Guess that must be your case.

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"OLD" IRS+ am I out of luck for parts?

Hello,I bought an Iris+ with the gimbal, Black Pearl FPV and a GoPro in 2015 and used it to take a video of my farm.--After the initial activity in 2015 (my first experience with a drone), I was busy with other things, so the drone sat on a shelf (in it's case).In 2017 I brought out the IRIS+ again, and discovered online that 3DR was out of business-- and I could no longer get parts--so I thought I was just totally out of luck with this drone and put it back in the box.2022:  I got out the…

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1 Reply · Reply by John Molnar May 21, 2022

bad crash last Saturday - can someone here read logs and analyze ?

well today just wasn't my day.I wanted to video some today of a lake near here that is soon to be refilled after the dam was replaced for the 2nd time. I preflighted my IRIS+ and even flew it around the yard some, it operated flawlessly. so i got ready and went to the lake. I put in my battery, waited for the IRIS+ to give the green light.i took off, flew around the perimeter of the lake some, and then headed offshore ( no water yet, just the streams ) i get about half way over the lake and…

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Iris + won't arm

I have an Iris + using a Spektrum satellite and DX9 radio. I can only get the Iris to arm and motors run when the Iris is connected to my computer via USB (plus with LIPO plugged in of course).If I go through this procedure without the USB cable attached, The Iris will initialize, LED will blink green, safely button pushed, stick right down on radio, LED changes to yellow and alarm goes off. It will also turn from blinking green to yellow without attempting to arm if I just leave if for a short…

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Iris+ Tarot gimbal camera compatibility

Took Iris out for some flights yesterday and still flies great.  But the USB port on my GoPro 4 Silver seems to have failed for charging and data transfer... but strangely still worked for Iris+ FPV.  So the battery is dying and who knows how long the FPV will function even if I get an external battery charger.Question: are there any other cams that are compatible with the Iris/Tarot setup?  I am reluctant to get another GoPro 3 or 4 since they seem to have fragile USB ports... and I don't…

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