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  • Hello,

    Does anyone have suggestions on what to do with IRIS components replaced by the IRIS+ upgrade kit?  Is there a frame one can purchase that would work with the original IRIS arms?  


  • Just wrote this review of the IRIS+ and I walked away extremely impressed. It seems like the IRIS+ has way more features and can do more than any other quadcopter in its price range. I plan on getting my own as soon as possible.

    Any critical feedback from IRIS+ pilots is greatly appreciated: http://dronelifestyle.com/3d-robotics-iris-quadcopter-review/

  • Pull up Google Earth, draw a line from where you last saw it to your last known auto mission. Search from where you last saw it, towards your last auto mission keeping in mind it could be in a tree. Take your telemetry and tablet or phone with you, if it had a full charge and it's sitting in a tree, is a good possibility, the battery could be sending telemetry. The tablet with show the paper airplane icon at iris' s location. Sorry for your loss.
  • 3D Robotics

    Hi Glenn,
    I'm really sorry to hear that.  Do you have telemetry logs?  Can you open up a ticket so we can help review what happened?  Please send your logs to help@3drobotics.com  We'll do all we can to help!

  • Anyone having an IRIS fly off during a DroidPlanner2 mission?  We have had it happen many times. Possible interference from 2.4 GHz antennas.  We have two IRIS+s - The first IRIS is in the desert somewhere with a GoPro Hero+.

  • Just a note to people commenting on the IRIS group "wall."  The wall is not a great place to put something if you expect a reply, as there is no threading.  Instead, use the option to "Add a Discussion."  This will create a note thread that can be easily responded to.  Here's a direct link: http://diydrones.com/group/iris/forum

    To be honest, I've been looking at the Discussions for months, and didn't even see this Comment Wall, as it fall below my normal screen full of data.  If the admins had a way to disable the comment wall, I think more discussion topics would be created, and this would be a stronger community.


  • hi are there any plans for an IRIS+?

    any future upgrade plans?

  • Question on Mission Planner and Iris Fail Safe.

    In Mission Planner, I see that there are a few fail safe settings, but I'm interested in the setting for Ground station Loss, FS_GCS_ENABLE, would this also include transmitter loss? I know that the value of 2 continues the mission, but I'm not certain if that also includes transmitter signal loss.

    With an older drone that I use with Qground control, the default setting is to continue the mission,  because this drone used wifi, (I assume because wifi range was so small), I'm fairly certain that the flight paths I take would still have signal, but there are several trees involved and I don't want to chance having to climb them to retrieve Iris. 

    Any help would be appreciated. 

  • I have a question for anybody in the Group. I am interested in loading ROS onto my IRIS. Has anybody here done that and is willing to offer some advice?

  • Iris RC control display, no work

    Please display my RC does not work and does not allow me to arm the iris. 

    I've tried changing the battery and did not work 

    someone has happened something?
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"OLD" IRS+ am I out of luck for parts?

Hello,I bought an Iris+ with the gimbal, Black Pearl FPV and a GoPro in 2015 and used it to take a video of my farm.--After the initial activity in 2015 (my first experience with a drone), I was busy with other things, so the drone sat on a shelf (in it's case).In 2017 I brought out the IRIS+ again, and discovered online that 3DR was out of business-- and I could no longer get parts--so I thought I was just totally out of luck with this drone and put it back in the box.2022:  I got out the…

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1 Reply · Reply by John Molnar May 21, 2022

bad crash last Saturday - can someone here read logs and analyze ?

well today just wasn't my day.I wanted to video some today of a lake near here that is soon to be refilled after the dam was replaced for the 2nd time. I preflighted my IRIS+ and even flew it around the yard some, it operated flawlessly. so i got ready and went to the lake. I put in my battery, waited for the IRIS+ to give the green light.i took off, flew around the perimeter of the lake some, and then headed offshore ( no water yet, just the streams ) i get about half way over the lake and…

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Iris + won't arm

I have an Iris + using a Spektrum satellite and DX9 radio. I can only get the Iris to arm and motors run when the Iris is connected to my computer via USB (plus with LIPO plugged in of course).If I go through this procedure without the USB cable attached, The Iris will initialize, LED will blink green, safely button pushed, stick right down on radio, LED changes to yellow and alarm goes off. It will also turn from blinking green to yellow without attempting to arm if I just leave if for a short…

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Iris+ Tarot gimbal camera compatibility

Took Iris out for some flights yesterday and still flies great.  But the USB port on my GoPro 4 Silver seems to have failed for charging and data transfer... but strangely still worked for Iris+ FPV.  So the battery is dying and who knows how long the FPV will function even if I get an external battery charger.Question: are there any other cams that are compatible with the Iris/Tarot setup?  I am reluctant to get another GoPro 3 or 4 since they seem to have fragile USB ports... and I don't…

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