Flying Arducopter in Japan

I just start discussion that flying arducopter in Japan.

In general discussion is something like this;

Do not fly to have any chance to harm people, pet, property, car traffic, train, airport and so on. It is same thing to every country;)  Then, please find R/C club in your neighborhood. I know it is very difficult in Japan.

1) Please share the input here in English and or Japanese.

2) Recommendation for flying Arducopter in Japan.

日本でマルチコプターを飛ばすのには、どこが良いとか悪いとか、Air Field の紹介等、議論しましょう。


You Port Kisarazu



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  • Hattoriさん 大賛成です。









    • Yamamotoさん、ありがとうございます。




    • Hattoriさん 私も神奈川県横浜市に住んでいて、冬場は長津田田圃で飛ばしています。どこかでお会いできればと思います。長津田田圃は地元の方のご厚意で稲刈りの済んだ後、田植えまでの期間、電動ラジコンに限り認めていただいています。ちょうど袋の様な地形なので、通過車両は余りありません。クラブは作っていないので挨拶とマナーを守っていただければ飛行は可能と思います。長津田田圃

    • 良いところですね。 



  • I am currently using the following setup;

    1-TBS Discovery Frame kit with APM 2.6

    2-FPV gear, Fatshark Predator V2 Vision System

    3-Bullet Proof ESC, 900kv Tiger Motors, Graupner 9X5 Propellers

    4-4500Mah 4S battery 

    5-Turnigy 9XR with Frsky Module

    6-AEE magicam video recorder

    Now, i live in Minuma-Ku, Saitama-shi. Is there any nearby RC field for fun fly? And with above setup, would i be qualified to to register for the mentioned insurance? (

    Any comments, suggestions is warmly welcomed. Thank you very much

    • Mohad

      You can visit enRoute.

      The location is here.

      It takes 30mininutes drive or 40 minutes by public transfer from your place.

      They can provide suitable R/C equipment for you.

    • Hattori san, 

      Thank you very much, i have browsed to the the mentioned website. It is great to know that the company has wide range of choice for RC Hobbyist. 

      I will pay a visit in this weekend. 

    • Developer


           Nice to meet you.  I live in Karuizawa.

           I'm pretty sure that technically the Turnigy 9x isn't certified for use in Japan and that the fatshark FPV system is over the extremely low radio power limit of Japan.  Looking at hobbyking it's 100mW transmitter but the limit in japan is only 10mW.  This low limit is a big reason why FPV isn't big in Japan.

           I've definitely met other people using these systems but technically they're not legal.

           My major concern is less about the strength of the transmission signal and much more about following the basic safety rules like don't fly over people, don't fly over 150m, make sure the copter's failsafes work so you avoid fly-aways, etc.

    • This module may an option for telemetry in Japan.

      Bluetooth-UART module/  Parani-ESD110V2-01 (external antenna cable)

      Class1 (100m) TELEC取得済
      Bluetooth Ver.2.0+EDR +18dBm
      Profile: SPP (Serial Port Profile)UART
      Interface 2.54pin Header2.x6 (12pin)
      Link speed:,1200bps-921.6Kbps


      | エラー
    • Thank you very much Randy.

      Nice to meet you too.

      Yes i do agree with you, safety first. It is not right to fly around without considering the failsafe. I have tuned the failsafe last week, and performed flight testing at the nearby football field and the results was quite promising. Back in malaysia, i only fly in proper flying sites where only RC Hobbyist are allowed to enter. But back then we do not need any insurance; just follow the basic rules.

      Looks like i need to purchase a proper radio transmitter before flying at any site or field in Japan. What would you suggest on the radio transmitter? And is it compulsory to register for the insurance? I will need sometimes to arrange for translator (i am not good in nihongo) and if possible, could you kindly provide some guidelines for the registration. Thanks. 

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