Flying Arducopter in Japan

I just start discussion that flying arducopter in Japan.

In general discussion is something like this;

Do not fly to have any chance to harm people, pet, property, car traffic, train, airport and so on. It is same thing to every country;)  Then, please find R/C club in your neighborhood. I know it is very difficult in Japan.

1) Please share the input here in English and or Japanese.

2) Recommendation for flying Arducopter in Japan.

日本でマルチコプターを飛ばすのには、どこが良いとか悪いとか、Air Field の紹介等、議論しましょう。


You Port Kisarazu



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  • Thank you very much Mr. Hattori for the warm welcome and supportive information. I will comply the rules and regulations as stated. Since there is a specific radio transmitter could be used in Japan, i would like to know whether 2.4Ghz frequency is ok or not. I have just purchased Turnigy 9XR 2.4Ghz with Frsky module. 

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