Real time extraction of apm 2.5 telemetry to matlab?

I would like  to pull the ardupilot telemetry in to matlab, visual studio or visual basic in real time. Specifically, latitude, longititude, altitude and attitude. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated as its a major stumbling block in my 4th yr project. thx 

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  • You can use MATMAV to monitor/control Pixhawk (or Pixracer) from MATLAB, if you are willing to use the PX4 firmware not Arducopter.


    Introduction · MatMav Guide
  • Hi I pulled the ardupilot telemetry in to matlab but the time is in a funny format: 7.360396782366204e+05 do you know how this timestamp value is calculated ? Or how I can revert it back to actual time?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey mikiuse,

      Can you please explain how could you get the ardupilot telemetry data in matlab please?

      Thanks a lot

    • Hi,

      it might be too late, but if not, you can use Matlab 'datevec' function:

      >> datevec(7.360396782366204e+05)

      ans =

      2015                         3                        16                        16                        16          39.6440000000002


  • Check out mavProxy.

  • I am trying to do this using simulink/matlab .

    using this. You have to have Matlab 2012a or later. Follow the instructions carefully, there is a manual in pdf. i am still gettinf compiling errors. 

  • Mission Planner already does that. I think you should have a look at its C# code implementation. Follow the setup instruction for Mission Planner source code from ( and start debugging to know how to..

    Hope this helps!

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