5th Melbourne Group Meet-up - August 18th

Hey guys,

It would be great to catch up with you all again, so I put forward that we have another catch-up.

Thinking August 18th at 09:00 [weather permitting].

Location, well, we have a few to choose from, but I wouldn't even mind if we went out of the city (west or east).  So open to suggestions there.

But we have:

  • Royal Park - MASSIVE open area near the Children's Hospital
  • Williamstown - Large open area with great views, water and sporting fields
  • Melbourne High School - very close to the city, but could be too small (and we've done it to death)
  • Countryside somewhere? 
  • Other


So let me know guys and girls.  Be great to see us meet up again.

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    Hey guys. Given the wind, I figure that most have perhaps wisely decided to stay grounded today. However a heads up that I have moved from the usual place of warnies boat ramp entrance to newport park due to the lacrosse. 

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    Hey guys - I think we have a consensus on the location of Williamstown, now just a time.  I suggest meeting at 08:30 for flying around 08:45ish...  Last time we did it a bit later and had trouble having to move all the time so keen to stake our claim and have some fun. (:

  • I've actually been told not to fly a foamie by Parks Vic at or near Royal Park (details later). Williamstown sounds good. Look forward to meeting people.
  • As an update, as of this week, I'm without a working drone... no, I didn't crash it... I handed over my APM 1.4 to one of my research students for use in a tank rover we're doing some collaborative robotics/vision research on... and my PX4 fmu, while being able to load and boot the new APM:Copter 3.0.1 code, cannot talk to Mission Planner... I'd also like to try finishing my new frame, rather than loading the PX4 onto my old jdrones frame...

    So, I have two weeks to sort this mess out... hopefully I can make it (otherwise I'll just be bringing a rover along... and really, that's no fun when it's just following a pre-set plan... less fun than a quad that can only fly 1 cm over the ground)!

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    Firstly, welcome back Tim! (:  Good to have you here again and looking forward to catching up to hear about your travels. (:

    And Karl, yeah, very good point re Royal Park.  Looks like Williamstown in the city might be the go or we head country.  Either or, I'm not fussed.

  • Not to be a killjoy but technically Royal park is within the Melbourne controlled airspace, and if I can read my chart properly, they control the airspace down to the surface, so effectively we're not meant to fly there.... just putting it out there.

  • I'm back in Oz and eager to get back to flying again... so count me in! It'll also give me a time constraint on getting a few issues sorted (vibration) and getting some camera/fpv gear operational. I like the idea of somewhere picturesque, but honestly anywhere will be fine with me. 8)

  • Either Royal Park or Williamstown look good to me.

  • Developer
    All welcome in Ballarat :) we have a nice location in town with written council permission to fly, and another bush location with a 1 sq km clear area ( ex plantation)
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