Forth DIYDrones Melbourne Group Meeting

Hey all,

I'm posting a note about the next meet up in order to lock in a date/time.  I know there are some people that are keenly working on their copters/planes so with that in mind, I was thinking either the 14th or 21st of April.  The weather conditions are (normally) better in the morning, so would like to hit the park around 8:30am.

In terms of location, where we went last time (Williamstown North as shown in the latest video) was a great spot (thanks Tim!) and there are many cool things we could play with around there too, but open to other suggestions.

I have been toying with the idea of an obstacle course to help improve the piloting skills but we'll see about that.  It wouldn't be all that taxing in the first instances (meets), but we could make it progressively harder so those with flat cat style copters should be licking their lips. (;

So, over to you with your thoughts and suggestions.



PS - MJ, hope you can make it as I would love to see your FPV gear up and running!


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  • I fly in Balwyn there. Are heaps of places there


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    I think MJ knows some of these guys or at least the group?  Might be a good place to start, otherwise you should be able to just head along.  If we had some more active flyers in the group it might be easier to org the meetup.  But hey, i'll get in touch and see what happens.

  • Hey, I just found this:

    These guys are in Melbourne and I'd like to tee up a time where we can all meet.

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    Hey guys, due to the weather and well, me getting sick, I might call tomorrow off.  Of course, if other people still want to meet up please go ahead. (:

    I'm heading to Adelaide over the ANZAC long weekend, so will schedule one for mid May.

    Fly safe. (:

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    Hey guys, I just saw the forecast for the weekend and it's not looking good.  Sunday morning would probably still be ok, but there will be some wind around the place.  If there are a couple of other UAVs out there willing to fly I say we still go ahead.  Location still hasn't been set, but I think Williamstown is still the winner with all that wide open space and as you'll soon see from a video i took last Sunday, some fairly nice views.

    So, guys, if you can make it, pls let me know. (:

  • I'll just kibbitz for now, if that's OK. I really don't want to stack my poor 450  again; and the Seeker is still a-building and waiting on parts. If anyone wants to see crrcsim flying a + quad around Davis Field or a windy Cape Cod and reading live input from an old Eurgle v1 I can bring that along. It's not on a laptop, however.

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    As I will be coming from Ballarat, I would love it to be in the west :), but if not, I will catch up at the next meeting
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    Ok guys...

    So the 21st it is as this weekend is meant to be raining.  Early morning would be better, so around 8:30am (or even 8am for meet time so we can be flying by 8:30am).  As for location, I'm happy to try somewhere else, but please suggest something if you know it.  I don't know Melbourne that well.

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    I think the 21st would suit me better too.  No confirmation on the site, I think Karl was having a look at somewhere else, but the Williamstown site is quite a good spot.  As long as it's not too windy. (:

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    If it is at the williamstown site, the 21st would suit me best, any confirmation on this?
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