Melbourne Group - Christmas gathering

Hey all, it's been a hell of a year for the group with many new UAVs, people and developments.  So as we drew closer to Christmas, why don't we actually do something about it and have some type of gathering?  It will depend on the numbers, but was thinking perhaps NOT getting together to fly (that will still happen anyway), but how about a BBQ along the Yarra?

Could be a great way to get together, catch up with familiar faces, introduce significant others and meet new people all for the Christmas break. (:

Let me know if you're interested and when would work for you. (:


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  • Hi gents, ive only met a few of you before. Hoping to catch up sometime soon to learn more about APM.

    Would your group be interested in joining a Melbourne multirotor meet event? This is not only for APM, but all multirotor users. There is some interest from the openpilot and rcgroups forums too. At this stage i'm thinking SAT JAN 25th AM at a location in the Dandenongs TBA. Please let me know if youre interested. Hoping to get around 20-30 people this time around.

    Cheers, Lloyd 

  • Doh I missed it >_<

  • Moderator

    Then it's just a matter of location - are people wanting to fly or just meet up?

  • Yup, great idea. Happy to meet and connect, even briefly. Saturday late morning works for me. I'll spread the word.
  • Yep I'm keen to do this. I'll spread the work to my other local flyers also.

  • Any further thoughts on this… if there are only a few people interested, perhaps it might be better to meet for a brunch, or an afternoon beer/drink at a pub/cafe/etc?

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    What a great idea Tim! (; It does get rather busy, but still possible - there are quite a few BBQs there and I can always head there early and reserve one.  Alternatively, happy to find another spot if anyone knows anything better. (:

  • Great idea David! ;)

    One consideration though: the BBQs along the Yarra might be very busy on any weekend leading up to Christmas. It might be worth considering an alternate venue that is still central. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    As for date... I have a few committments coming up on over weekends, but am waiting on dates to be confirmed... thus, plan the event and I'll do my best to juggle and be there.

  • Hi there David

    This sounds like an excellent way to meet you and other Melbourne Group members. I wold be happy to come along and meet you all. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with the planning.


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