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    I did just have a funny thought about heading out this morning.  Living in an apartment building, I have to catch a lift down to the car park.  I'm carrying this 'lawnmower' with four almost footlong props and it amazes me everytime that people will get into the lift, look down and just ignore that anything is 'different'.  So this morning, I put the GoPro on (with flashing lights etc) and still nothing.  Maybe it's a sign about Melbourne.  Unless the quad had blue hair, piercings and tatts everywhere, it won't even be noticed?!  Maybe that's a good thing then, so when it's flying around, people will just ignore it and get on with their lives...

    Anyway, just something I was pondering over my coffee and motor repair.


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    I tried to go out for a fly this beautiful morning and it appears one of my motors has decided to give up the ghost.  The other three spin up  like normal, but motor 4 (back right) just doesn't want to kick in - it starts but like like when you don't spin the old prop planes enough; they just jitter.  The ESCs all sound normal, so i'm hoping that it's just a matter of motor replacement.  Otherwise, it could be an interesting search mission today.

  • I love that it appropriately came down on the disabled spot! Clearly it was!

    I wonder if it was a sanctioned flight, or some hobbyist trying to get some snaps during the game?

    All that metal and concrete would wreak havoc with a 2.4 GHz r/c setup... that's clearly a case of where you want autopilot control and a pre-planned, fixed flight path... although you probably couldn't rely on a continuous GPS fix inside a stadium such as that... so you'd have to use radio beacons or similar.

    All in all, another opportunity for people to put droners down as unorganised and dangerous (and perhaps some are). 8(

  • Good morning all.  In case you havn't seen this, a very good lesson on not what to do and a very good reminder about Risk Assessment prior to flying!

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    Well...  It's only been a little whilst since we caught up but quite a bit has happened...  Will post more about that in a little while, but the point to this post is...  Is anyone around this Friday for a fly?

  • Thank -you MO.  Have downloaded and will investigate it this week.


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    MJ- check out

  • Developer
    I'll check my settings, thanks
  • MO - continuing the MP map questioning.

    I've had a look at Global Mapper last night and would prefer to keep the 400 pesos in my pocket - even if it is more intuitive software than ESRI product that I use (loathe) in my day job. 

    Are you aware of a method of inserting georectified maps using other background software?.  I'm competent in Oziexplorer and can-get-there in Arcview 3.

    I guess I'm looking for a cheaper (or free) mechanism to insert this mapping (topo or rectified aerial imagery).

    I had a look at the functions behind CTRL-F and might need to do some playing in the map button there.

    Did have a read of the various forums that mentioned Global mapper and most of the commentary was around your decision between GM and Ozi etc.  Has anything changed in this arena since 2010 though?

    Note: did consider PMing this -but I presume that the issue is of interest to a few others.

    Presume the wind is blowing in Albany.


  • Developer


    MP already does offline maps. all maps loaded are cached by default. Check the prefetch function. and ill have a look at the other options.



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Aeronavics (Droidworx) gear

Hi guys,Just a heads up that I have just become a distributor for Aeronavics (ex Droidworx) gear and will be placing an initial order with them next week.For those that may not know, Droidworx create the heavy duty and professional gear that is very well engineered and highly functional.  So if you're looking to move from the kit copter look to something a little more professional, these would be the guys to check out.The quad frame which is compact and suitable for Point and Shoot, GoPro and…

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