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  • Moderator

    Certainly is Mark.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

  • so - same place as last time. Will try and come down with the hex.


  • Moderator

    Thanks Leonard...  Will be interesting to see what happens against those figures. 

    Aim is to eventually get to around DaveC's 30m/s! (;

  • Developer

    Well the base level one will do well at 15m/s and max out at about 17m/s at sea level.

  • Moderator

    Hey guys,

    Byron and I will be at what will probably become known at DIY Melbourne Central (you'll see why when you get there) [see post below] tomorrow from 08:30.

    There will be some autonomous flight [take off and landing], super stable loiter mode and speed / weight tests.

    Questions to be answered on the day include: 

    * why won't this bloody thing stay in one spot

    * how fast can a quad with 11inch props and 880kv motors fly

    * how much can it carry before it can't lift off.

    Be there, or be somewhere else - probably sleeping. (;

  • Moderator

    9am.  I suggest we meet here per Google maps.  There appears some decent on street parking around here - but please keep in mind I'm not from Melbourne. (;


  • nice. What time?

  • Moderator

    Guys - for the long weekend fly tomorrow - there's appears to be a good spot behind the children's hospital in North Melbourne. 

    Check out the map here.


  • Moderator

    Hey guys, is anyone interested in building this?

    I was going to place an order for the PCBs from China.


  • Moderator

    Hey guys - I just posted a blog about my efforts with GPS Tracking - check out the link here.

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