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  • Hi all,

    I posted this in "discussions" but I don't know how much aussie coverage it will here it is for the Melbourne group:

    There was a good documentary on the 2012 Outback UAV Challenge, which screened today on Channel 10 in Australia.

    We saw Tridge from Canberra UAV and a handful of others attempt the challenge, with plenty of crashes along the way. 

    Great doco!

  • Moderator

    Thanks Byron and Tim.  Some great suggestions - Might just have to go for a road trip and check them all out (not all at once). (:

    Tim, re the parks.  You don't need a permit for amateur/hobby photography/videography - link here but they do say that no aircraft are to be used. \:  I haven't spoken to them yet to see if there's wiggle room here (like at sunrise).

  • Hi David, the Cape Otway light house would be a great location giving great views of the coast and is very remote; And a good reason for a weekend away. Or secondly, the Aireys Inlet light house is much closer and also very picturesque. However there are a few houses in the immediate vicinity and lots of people visiting on the weekends.
  • Hi Dave,

    Cape Schank lighthouse is particularly good, as is the Point Nepean one. My personal recommendation would be Fort Queenscliff. In either event, you'll be operating your drone on Parks Victoria land, so you might want to make contact with them and get clearance first.

    Having said that, this problem of autonomous modelling a 3d structure from aerial photography is very closely related to research I'm doing with my team & students at the moment. I'd be interested to chat with you about doing it as a formal research project beyond T3 (i.e., using the data in some software we have/can write and producing some relevant publications). The benefit to you is that you get a University research team behind you when you ask Parks Vic for permission to collect data on their land (and you might actually get a 3D model out of it!). If you're interested, let me know.

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    Hey guys... A question for those that know Melbourne and surrounds well. Im doing the T3 challenge and would like to know some good spots that would have a unique building or structure. Even something like a lighthouse or wind turbine. Any thoughts?

    For those that don't know - the point of this T3 challenge is to create a 3d model of a building autonomously. Minus the software of course. (:
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    It may help - you never know.  (:

    I ordered my FPV gear, but some parts are on backorder through readymaderc. \:  Been that way for weeks.

  • no OSD at this stage - flat out trying to keep the machine in the air and don't need anything more to complicate it.

    Have a low battery alarm fitted so when it squeals I land and relax....


  • Moderator

    MJ, there was a warm day (21) a few days before the weekend, plus people at the park entrance were saying that there's no snow on Stirling.  How wrong they were.

    As for your vids...  Firstly, loved redgum for the first video.  Good ol' South Australia will always be my home.  But you may need to work on the landing. (;

    Aside from the nasty osc's, the second video was great.  Do you use OSD at all?


  • Whats with the (almost) empty car park at Telegraph Saddle? - looks like plenty of snow. 

    I miss the Alps! Pleased you had a great day.

    I rewarded myself with a day off a few weeks back and put 4 batts through my FPV machine - well almost put one batt right through it. Was my first flights in months .......

    Flight 1:

    Flight 4:


  • Developer
    That looked like fun :) don't know how you managed to keep it that smooth, my hands were shivering just watching that :)
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