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  • I'm getting into vacuum forming polycarbonate and I'm building a large cnc cutting table which will accommodate standard 1.2x2.4m sheets. The router bit i have researched is good for fiberglass and fiber cement. Not sure what bit is best for CF. I'm probably about 4 months away from finishing it tho. And it's mostly for cutting fiber cement sheets ill be building my house out of, so I won't be designing for super fine tolerances. HTH.
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    Guys - I'm wondering if anyone knows a great place that supply and (cnc) cuts sheets of fibreglass and carbon fibre?

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    Lol - it's called storage cage and plastic boxes. (:

  • Edit.... a claw of talons.

    Must be more room in at your joint than you've previously let on.

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    Btw guys - I ordered a bunch of X-UAV Talons because I'm growing the stable from just copters.  I did order more than I need at the moment (which won't be long until I do another order), but if anyone is interested in the short term, let me know.

    Here's an image of the Talon for those not familiar with what it looks like. (courtesy of Wessie's delivery)


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    Heh - thanks Byron.  The wishes are warmly received.  There was only one evening for flying and the rest was all for the celebrations. (:  Some amazing sights and some great flying though. (:

  • David, Honey-Anne and I hope Dom is experiencing some of her special birthday experience (Drone free). Happy Birthday Dom! B & H
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    Hey all,

    Currently in the Grampians and brough my quad, 6 5000mah batteries and FPV gear and having a ball.  Whilst here, I also did a few walks and saw some amazing sights, which gave me an idea...

    A Melbourne group roadtrip? I know we were just talking about Ballarat so maybe we start with that, but something to consider.

    Btw, I would also love to know if anyone knows anything about SILENT motors.  The pitch of my current batch scares the kangaroos away

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    Lol :)
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    Should just go to Avalon. (;

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Aeronavics (Droidworx) gear

Hi guys,Just a heads up that I have just become a distributor for Aeronavics (ex Droidworx) gear and will be placing an initial order with them next week.For those that may not know, Droidworx create the heavy duty and professional gear that is very well engineered and highly functional.  So if you're looking to move from the kit copter look to something a little more professional, these would be the guys to check out.The quad frame which is compact and suitable for Point and Shoot, GoPro and…

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