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    Hey guys - I'm putting in a big 3DR order and a few people have already asked for some things so I thought I'd ask if anyone needed some bits and pieces. 

    The order is going in tomorrow morning, so let me know tonight if you did need anything.


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    After taking my original drone (built about 2 years ago) out yesterday morning, it was great to see that it would still fly perfectly like it should.  Seems the latest 'improvements' have made things more challenging.  Lol.

    Anyway, I'm going to head out tomorrow morning again just to have some fun in the sun and get some stick time.

    Heading to Royal Park, probably around 0900.

    Understand that there may be some inclement weather, but will check it out when I get there.  I'll be flying, it's just a matter of when. (:

  • Hi Jerry.  The files are on my laptop so I'll dig them out and e-mail them to you tomorrow, hopefully.  I didn't get really very far at all with the autonomous modes.  It was mostly teaching me how to fly...  I hope to build another, perhaps also a duplicate at the same time...

    How's your Skyfun and the orthomapping travelling?

  • Andrew,

    Are you going to get another one?

    Can I have a copy of your KML file please to compare.


  • Tonight, I have discovered (after bring myself to view the .kmz file) that my now ex-Skyfun would still have some fun left in it if it had remained in RTL mode.  Sadly, it crashed in the now ironically named "Stablize" mode!

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    A quick update for those that came out this morning - turns out there were two problems.  One, my DX8 decided to stop transmitting.  When getting home it would then develop an erratic beep.  A quick search found that I needed to updated the firmware in the TX.  Updated that and all was good - connecting to all other UAVs no problems.  The second problem was Y6 specific.  Seems to be the PDB (again!?) but I'm still checking that one out.

  • Looks good, see you there

  • Moderator

    Sure Martin, more the merrier of course.  Check above in the discussions about flying locations where there is a map of the location and meeting place etc.

  • Hey guys, been lurking here on and off for a while and wouldn't mind getting involved a bit with the flying days one in a while. Got a couple foamies I've been trying to get flying right so would love to pick your brains about the basics. Where about in Williamstown are do you guys fly? Can probably get there 8:30-9:00



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    That may be a bit early for me, but i'll aim to get there around 0900.

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