ArduPLANE Pixhawk Cable

Hello Group,

I am trying to venture into my first mapping platform, but I am reading many mixed things!

I am using this on a aircraft platform, so my RC rails are powered by the ESC's BEC (I will also be using the power block to power the Pixhawk too)

I *Believe* the AUX rails have no power by default, but are shared (and powered) when the ESC's BEC is used.

Now this is where I get confused. My Canon A3400is requires 5v to fire in CHDK.

Does the signal pin fire 3.3v on command from the AUX 7 (My image here is wrong) hence why i have to boost it upto 5v? I am confusing myself as i have read lots of different things using triggers and LED switches and all sorts! 

Any help would be amazing! Thank-you


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  • 3702194720?profile=originalThis works for S100 and S110 also.

    • Thanks for your replays!

      I still need to up the signal voltage pin from 3.3 to 5v though do I not? I understand now I need 5v for the power line, but the signal pin im confused with!

      Is the signal pin outputting voltage all the time, or only when the pin is activated? Don't want to buy a cable, this is diydrones :o)

    • Also the kap_uav script says @chdk_ assuming 1.3 but then terminates 

    • This is a basic setup from info gathered a year ago. You will have to power the Pixhawk with the UBEC to enable the Canon to trigger automatically. Tap power directly off of the battery leads before the power module.

    • Even for Plane?

      I'm already getting 5v from the ESC BEC?

  • You do need 5V from a BEC, so you should not need to step-up.

    Watch this for a very simple solution. They sell the trigger board and the micro USB<->Trigger cable. And they explain the settings in Mission Planner  :)

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