• I had a similar problem getting all of the ground station / calibration / gimbal controller software to work on my Mac.

    Rather than spend money on a new laptop just for that software, you should look at using Bootcamp to create a windows machine on your Mac. It splits the hard disk into Mac and Windows partitions, then you buy (or acquire!) a Windows disk to install on the second partition. Then all you would need to do is hold down the option key when you power on and you can choose whether to start the laptop in Mac or Windows mode.

  • I'm a mac guy, so I'm stuck with that.  Works fine for me, but I have heard that the Windows Mission Planner is better.  Tower, just released for Android (and DroidPlanner before it) are great choices.  For most of the time, I use my Android tablet as a GS and it works great.  But I wouldn't go out and buy a new Windows computer just for the slightly better software.

  • Hi Paul,

    I work with the Windows system for many years. Michael Obone it constantly updated with great possibilities. So I advise you buy a Windows laptop :)

    Ps. I work out with an Android Tablet (NEXUS 3-G) and the Droidplanner ( works also excellent .. best regards from Germany,  ciao Klaus

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