Can I change the Pixhawk flight mode channel?

Channel 5 seems to be locked in for the flight mode switch. I have a Turnigy 9X with a XJT module. My flight modes are set on channel 6 and I can't figure out how to switch Pixhawk to use channel 6. 

Any help would be appreciated,


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  • I have got half a solution:

    In the [AUX-CH] menu set the CH5 setting to "HOV THRO" or "HOV PIT" will allow you to set the Pixhawk flight mode using one of the potentiometers on the top of the transmitter.

  • You should be able to reassign the switches on your Tx.  I've never used a turnigy, but there should be some way to reassign switches to different channels.  There may be a way to hack into the pixhawk and change the channel, but someone much smarter than me would have to help you with that.  Good luck!

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