Pixhawk and CHDK

Hi all,

I'm trying for the first time to use the Pixhawk to trigger a CHDK canon camera.

On internet I found several guides, some using servo outs and some using relay.

The need is to shut on while reaching a WP and (if possibile) set some camera parameters (like zoom or shutter speed).

I have:

- Pixhawk

- Tuffwing double chdk camera cable

- n.1 UBEC 5V

- n.2 Canon cameras already loaded with CHDK.

Can you please help me to find the right guide for Pixhawk (Mission Planner) and CHDK (setup and scripts) to do what I'm asking for?

thanks a lot.


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  • Gus, Lin, if you set shot interval on fast instead of burst the camera will shot just once.

  • I am having the same issue as Lin Han Wei; when I select "Trigger Camera NOW" the shutter is activated twice. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

  • hello~~
    I have some problems about Kap script.
    I use the script KAP_UAV V3.8.
    And I follow the  tutorial: http://www.tuffwing.com/support/pixhawk_camera_trigger_cable.html
    But when I  select Trigger Camera NOW, the camera always takes picture twice.

    Can somebody tell me what happened??



    Pixhawk Camera Trigger Cable for Canon CHDK Cameras
  • Hi Paolo,

    the Tuffwing site has a good set of instructions, that's what I used.


    Sounds like you've got two problems to me:
    1) Your script on the camera isn't right, try the Kap script as per the tutorial.
    2) You will definitely need to give the Tuffwing 5V somehow. The 3.3v from the rail won't be enough to trigger the shutter. The camera is waiting on 5V up and down on the USB port.



    Pixhawk Camera Trigger Cable for Canon CHDK Cameras
    • The shutter works but I had a new problem now.

      The set the first mission (about 8 minutes) using the survey function on mission planner and expected 160 pictures at the end of the flight.

      Once completed I checked the pictures and found only 10.

      Analyzing the parameters log I found that this parameter:

      CAM_TRIGG_DIST 100

      Why? the survey estimated a picture every 3 seconds and this parameter has been set to 100 meters?!

      Can you help me to figure out where is the mistake?



    • You must change the parameter and put 1


    • Thanks a lot.

      This guide is definetely the right one.

      Now it works perfectly.


  • https://youtu.be/x7iN3UeQ2_w
    Try this tutorial on how to trigger a Canon PowerShot camera using a Pixhawk/APM
  • Update 1

    Ubec not used
    Tuffwing cable on rc7 and then to camera.
    Camera loaded with chdk and super simple flight riot script running.

    CAM trigger type ... Servo
    Rc7 function ... 10 camera trigger.
    On camera gimbal set rc7 1700 1100 10

    Ones i connect the camera with this setup it starts shooting continuously.... Damn.. The only way to stop is to stop the script or disconnect the USB.

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