Pixhawk and DJI Spreading Wings S900 Frame Kit

Hello everyone,

I am planning to build a hexacopter using the DJI Spreading Wings S900 Frame Kit, Pixhawk, and  T-motors. I will definitely appreciate any suggestions about any other frame or motors to use or if someone has already done what I am planning on building.

I intent to have a payload between 5 to 6 lbs.


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    • Right out of the box the NAZA V2 will out fly the PixHawk hands down. If you are into tuning then learn C++ and you can reprogram the PixHawk. The auto tune function in PixHawk does work but you really need to understand the PID equation to fully tune the Pix. I rather spend my time flying and not programming. I did that for a living for over 30 years and would rather be out in the fresh air flying and enjoying the hobby. 

    • The NAZA won't just work out of the box with any old frame and motors, it works because someone has taken the time to tune it to what it is sold with.  Likewise for popular combinations of ESCs, frames and motors you can find pixhawk pid settings ready to go.  Even if you have to autotune you dont need to understand what pids are, just follow the procedure.

    • What does PID tuning have to do with c++?
      Same thing with brushless gimbals people don't have any idea what goes into getting them PID tuned well!! it not easy!
      You should tune your craft to your liking the issue is that DJI is for people who just want to take photos do not care about lerning to fly or PID OR AUTONOMY. That's why there so much bad press on phantoms. The lerning curve is still there turn off ATTI MODE. Pix hawk hands down destroys the Naza AND A2 !!! When tuned well! My advice is to learn the product.
    • Just about everything if you get the total (Developers) kit for the PixHawk you can input via C++ code to which the operating code. The developers download is for all to use and the code is reviewed by a review board and if the code is a benefit then it will be allowed as an firmware upgrade.  Look I'm not defending DJI or 3D Robotics. If you read on the forum you will find a plethora of guys having problems with their PixHawk. Why? That is the question.. If the controller worked as promised right out of the box and then a little tuning that would be fine, but that is simply not the case. I stand by my statement that right out of the box NAZA V2 will out fly the PixHawk. In your own words PID tuning is not easy. I guess that about sums it. 

  • My two cents is to stick with DJI V2 or maybe the A2. You will not loose your bird. I've had two fly aways with my Iris+ and with my PixHawk on a 450 quad. I'm back now with DJI NAZA V2 with 16 waypoints and have had no problems whatsoever. If you have that much invested in the frame then a few more dollars to insure that you don't crash.. 

    • There is no need to bash the Pixhawk, I own a Pixhawk FC and I don't have any problems with it. Have you actually set down and read through all the documentations and calibrated your FC properly? There maybe something that you overlooked or didn't follow through correctly. Certain things are not plug and play and takes time to configure and set it properly.

    • I have printed ever piece of documentation that is present for the PixHawk. But then just listening to others on the forum, you may be the lucky one. Since this is open architecture there are plethora of settings and subjected to being open to any suggestion, which can and sometimes become an issue. Take the simonK firmware for some ESC's, this has been proven to present problems with Y6 and some Octa frames, problems with the motors not syncing. Point that out in the documentation! But you can go to youtube and find someone that found the issue. So not everything is rosy with the PixHawk but it can be controlled and work. To me I rather fly the thing rather researching every widget possible for the PixHawk. Comes a time to choose, fly or research. On the other hand the IRIS flies great, one would think that maybe 3D robotics would publish their configuration for all to enjoy for the quad configuration. . I'm not bashing PixHawk, I own the IRIS +.  I rather fly the IRIS+ than try to configure a Y6 variation that may or may not fly correctly.  Due to the different types of ESC's Motors and all the other Transmitters and receivers associated with the hobby that could make an impact on the operation of the PixHawk is wide open. In simpler words I'm not interested in tuning, rather I'm interested in flying...

    • hello Jim,

      Jim you made some very good points your last post . let me explain what is going on here. first there are hardware that is not compatible with the pix hawk. Other hardware that needs firmware or other updated to enable them to work.  there are also mounting considerations as well there are just wrong places to mount things like GPS & compass should not be near motors or BGC controller. all these thing are not clearly documented! IE if you like to go pick up some multi copter gear you have no idea what will work or not because of your inexperience with the hardware . how is this pix hawk fault? most of the issues people encounter is because of that reason. if you did your research before you spent your cash you would have noticed people use similar hardware! when popular hardware do not work you will hear about it on the forums like EMAX ESC issue , E max's issue by the way!  PID tuning should be you bread and butter you need to adjust PID's for wind , payload and battery voltage changes for best results. point is you cannot just fly and forget about PID.

    • Thanks for the response. I will look into the DJI V2 and try to learn everything about it. By the way, based on your experience, why would you say your quad flew away using Pixhawk?


    • I cannot answer that question. I have retrieved the quad and downloaded the logs and I cannot find anything that might point me in the right direction. But I did read that some SimonK ESC will cause glitches and out of sync motors. I did notice that the quad was reacting very odd as it would just rock from right to left vary fast and then off  to the wild blue. I turned off the TX and some how it just landed. It did not fail safe in the logs and it did not RTL as set in the firmware configuration. I have gone thru about three of the PixHawks just trying to get them to work, I wanted to do this because of the ease of flyability and the waypoints. However I cannot get one Y6 or Quad to fly properly. I even purchased a IRIS+ and guess what, It too went out of control and crashed. I am at a loss as to the issue with this version of the PixHawk. That is why I went back to NAZA V2. I started off with the NAZA about three or so years ago and have not crashed one of their controlled multicopters. Now the way points has been resolved (16 max with the V2) I will be installing a much cheaper (with all the options offered for the PixHawk) system, and ease of setup,  can enjoy my hobby without the drama of the PixHawk. 

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