Pixhawk being replaced with new version?

A major supplier of 3DR products here in the UK has just informed me that Pixhawk will not be re-stocked as it is being discontinued. I've heard similar rumblings elsewhere but then others say they are just false rumours. Any thoughts from anyone on this forum?

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    • Sounds a lot like the PixRacer

    • Yep.  In a case.

    • Stick with the original one that will be discontinued once stock runs out?

      I assume that it is more than just that 4th UART that has been removed?  What about the 3rd, and 2nd?  CAN?  SBUS Out?  How many PWM's?  Analog in?  I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

    • Thanks for your reply Chris, that's certainly good news! I did have a bad experience with a clone Pixhawk and therefore prefer 3DR products, so I'll wait for the new version.


    • That a good news Chris !

      One year is a long time and it seems to me that in the meantime things were changed .
      3DR seems to abandon the DIY market preferring Solo solutions in an obvious challenge vs Dji.

      There are many manufacturers of Pixhawk hardware but it is a fact that 3D Robotics Pixhawk is a reference .
      A new improved 3DR Pixhawk  is important for all the DIYmarket.

  • First, Pixhawk is not in Solo, pixhawk 2 is, additionally, there is very little difference in the Hk version, versus the Version 3DR sold, in fact, in many ways, Its better, the silicone cables, provided with the HK version, are far better then the cables in the oem, version. The df13 connectors of the cables in the oem kit, tore out many a socket on pixhawk. Then, there is the ability, to select, 7n, 7m, or m8n gps modules when buying the hobby king version. I don't think you'll see any shortage of pixhawk anytime soon.
    • Except HK is out of stock and has been for quite some time...  'Seems like we're already experiencing a shortage?

  • Has anyone spoken directly to 3DR as opposed to posting internet rumors? Given their position on the new Drone Coalition, I don't think they are having any issues. 

    • wha?! and get the truth? noooo, "the internet said so" :p

  • Assuming that there's a rational decision-maker at 3DR - and i do really think that this is the case - a "keep or drop" evaluation occurred. Tipically a product is discontinued because:

    1) it is no longer profitable (or the total income from that product is very low if compared to other products).
    2) it is getting obsolete - new and more performing products are coming to the market to replace the old one
    3) it is no longer inline with the strategy of the company, and/or marketing positioning.

    I think that:

    1) Pixhawk is obviously profitable.

    2) Pixhawk 2 is the new product, already integrated by 3DR into Solo (btw Solo is amazing, I love it).

    3) Pixhawk is "DIY" and 3DR is shifting to a more closed environment (E.g.: many spare parts are not available any more on the store) and to services.

    Other things (e.g.: legal) may influence the discontinuation of a product. On the other hand, Pixhawk is strongly associated with 3DR brand - if you say "3DR" you think in order to: "Quad with blue arms", "Pixhawk", "Solo".

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