Pixhawk being replaced with new version?

A major supplier of 3DR products here in the UK has just informed me that Pixhawk will not be re-stocked as it is being discontinued. I've heard similar rumblings elsewhere but then others say they are just false rumours. Any thoughts from anyone on this forum?

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    • There is no more 3DR Pixhawk, but it is not big trouble - there are enough EU/US and Chinese good quality products.

      I have personal good experience with the AUAV-X2, RCTimer Fixhawk and the Pixraptor.

      All those got very good board and soldering quality, not any issues in flight.

  • BYOD or UMTech?

    It's a pity if it's true. I would rather not buy copies from HK or fleabay and I don't really want to be a continuous guinea pig for the new starters coming. 

    What other options are there?

    • Take a look at these links below.  Probably you'll consider to use one of them in case Pixhawk is discontinued.

      They use the same software as Pixhawk.

    • Whats about the CUAV Pixhack? I like the internal IMU damping. Have an aluminium version in use, looks very awesome. but the aluminium is very difficult to get... any sources?

    • Also VR Brain from Virtual Robotix is an amazing alternative!
      I do strongly suggest it as preferred alternative.

      Autopilot : VR Brain 5
    • VR Brain has been around for a while. I would try that.

      My issue with the RPi offerings is the size. Real-estate on most airborne platforms is at a premium.  

    • MR60

      Could not find any vrbrain fc in their site. They also seem to move to complete solutions and quit selling parts? Isn't this a strategy now to kill the DIY integrators and force people buying assembled systems (at a high premium price)?

    • It is there. You just have to look hard. They have a very non-intuitive site. http://www.virtualrobotix.it/index.php/it-IT/shop-virtualrobotix

      I recommend the vr ubrain 5.2. Tiny footprint.

    • MR60

      is it fully compatible with APM:Copter or does it require a VirtualRobotix compilation ?

    • BYOD (Mike Inwood) said this. Although he later said he "would like to speak to them direct before confirming".

      I hope it's not true - I'm using mine on fixed wing so there is no alternative as far as I know.

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