Strange behavior of pixhawk

Hello guys, I received my Pixhawk. But have a problem with instaling of firmware(Adruplane 3.2.3) using Mission Planner(1.3.19)
I have the PixHawk connected via the USB cable. It seems to work. Follow all instruction, but all times , I dont hear any musical tones (just : bip-bip-bip-BIP-BIP-BIP-bip-bip-bip-BIP-BIP-BIP-//-//-), And main LED all time is red (have no red/blue/red/blue/yellow !!!).
Can you explain me how to fix problem. What I do wrong or I have received bad Pixhawk. Here is link to video on youtube :

Please help. Thanks

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  • The problem is the logs stored in the SD card become large in file size, which 'freezes' the Pixhawk. You need to take out the SD card, put it in a card reader and deleted everything inside it. Then pop it back in the Pixhawk and reboot. Done. I think it's a problem with the firmware which has not been fixed.

  • This sounds like SOS???

    What OS are you using> Mine only downloaded the firmware on Windows 7...

    • Mission Planner does not install PX4 on my laptop; six tries! Checked its (non-)existence in Windows7 Device Manager.

  • Sometimes the pixhawk SD card is not read properly, or the last time it tired to save a log file onto the SD card there was a problem. In order to fix this you simply need to reformat the SD card on your PC, but you could also just try to delete all the files on the SD card too as some users have reported that works too.

    then reprogram with Install Firmware

    then it should work :)

    best Regards from Germany ciao Klaus

    • Thanks  ,  just to fix my card, re-insert. and now it works

    • nice :)

  • Make sure your micro SD card is inserted correctly.

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