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  • Good day Brian

    I am commenting on your comment about compass calibration and "bad compas health".

    You don't describe exactly but I assume you used the wizard ( with its graphical rotating dots ) to calibrate the compass ??

    If so , I would suggest you use another method. I have bumped my head against this where I am using the wizard to calibrate everyting, ( accl...compas ... radio ..etc) and it does not seem to work. I never investigated why , but simply moved on to the following method:

    I calibrate the accel on the initial setup page of MP.

    Then I calibrate the radio on the radio calibration page of MP.

    Then I calibrate the compass with a manual method. I take my drone outside away from structures, power my drone , throttle up and right ( NOT ARMED ) . IT will beep long and then start beep..beep..beep.. then it is in calibrate phase. Then you face north, hold the drone by its tail vertically down and bring it up over your head. In the provess it will go through 270deg. Then you rotate your body a bit to the right( clock-wise ) and repeat .... until you have turned you body through 360 degrees and you are once again facing north. Then you change grip and now hold the drone by its two legs on its left side ( i.e. you rotate the drone 90 anti-clockwise ... you carry on with your waving of the drone through 270 dregree as you yourself turn through 360 ... and once the FC is happy it will double beeo and ..voila..

    I couldn;t find the youtube video in my docs but search youtuge, There is a nice video of this guy waviung his drone through 270 degrees while he is rotating !!

    looks hilarious , but it works like a bomb. Also, use the manual method to calibrate

    ESCs, not the MP wizard.


  • I need help! I have just completed a build of a Tarot 650 Ironman and I chose to use a Pixhawk PX4 for my flight controller/autopilot:


    I am using a MATEK 6S FCHUB PCB for power distribution, a 10S APM Power Module and 40A OPTO ESCs for my power system. The motors are T-Motor Navigator series MN3420's spinning 17" Tarot propellers.

    I am using a Spektrum satellite DSM receiver and 100mW telemetry modules. The GPS is a Ublox 7M.

    I installed the latest Mission Planner I could find - 1.3.7032.578 and installed Arducopter V3.6.7.

    I did the Accel calibration and tried the compass calibration - it seemed to be successful but M.P. told me to "reboot the autopilot"... How do I do that? Simply unplug the USB and plug it back in? I tried that but when I reconnected to M.P. I get the dreaded "Bad Compass Health" warning...

    IS there another way to reboot the Pixhawk and save my compass settings?

  • Can someone help me?

    PIxhawk compatibility with ESCs

    PX4 compatibility with different ESCs
    HI, I have been working on Quadcopter. Unfortunately two of the four ESCs isn't functioning now. I was using the HobbyKing 30A UBEC, LIPO 4S. I wants…
  • Staying at low power, then shooting upward as you pass mid throttle sounds like typical behavior in alt hold mode.   You are requesting higher, and it throttles up suddenly to go from not flying to flying and climbing.  What flight mode were you in?  

  • Your param file does nothing for me.

    What I really need is a detailed step by step description of what you are doing, why you are doing it, what your expectations are, and what are the results.

    Another important piece of information is a detailed parts list including motors, props, ESCs, RADIO GEAR, and any other accessories/devices you may have installed.

    Pictures showing how every thing is connected and a video showing how the aircraft behaves will be extremely helpful.

  • @Clifton:

    The drone is powering up, but not powering down when pulling the radio sticks again, at half trottle, the power of the rpm of the motors is visibly the same, than it shoots up exponentially...

    Am attaching my param file maybe it helps you understand the issues.
    Much appreciated

  • @Nicholas:

    Because no two aircraft are ever exactly alike, the sharing parameters and settings is ill advised.

    What is the nature of your problem?

  • Hi people,

    Anyone capable of sharing a DJI S1000 with pixhawk full parameters list please?
    thanks in advance


  • Hi Pixhawk Fans,

    For all of you interested in the Internet of Drones platform which we are developing, please join to this group
    Among the many benefits provided by the platform some are:

    1. Remote visualization of the drones flights including others than your own

    2. Routes planning and remote control of own drones, from any place where the internet access is available
    3. Evaluates risk assessment for the planned routes

    4. Alerts for the potential colision, drone malfunction, entering restricted space and others

    5. Encrypted connection with the drone (optional for downlink)

    6. Manage your drone(s). In case of larger fleet, the drones can be gouped by purpose

    7. Visualization of the flights history

    8. Data sharing among the drones for the detected objects in airspace

    9 .Displaying dedicated airspace for drones (in later version as this will be specific to countries which currently in most of them is not fixed)

    The first version of the DroneRoute device will support Pixhawk flight controller

    DroneRoute - The Internet of Drones platform
    This group is created for the discussions related to the Internet of Drones platform, which we called DroneRoute
  • I have just acquired an Iris 2, and was wondering what's the latest firmware I can use on this platform, or, can it use all the latest firmware updates? Also what mods are now available for it or should I look into?

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